For many animal and plant species, survival is an increasing challenge due to a variety of influences. At the Phoenix Zoo, we believe we have an obligation to help conserve wherever we can and encourage others to join in the effort.

The Zoo’s Staff Conservation Grant gives employees the chance to do exactly that – make a difference in local and global conservation.

At the local level, we are working to maintain healthy and self-sustaining managed setting populations of multiple endangered species natively found throughout Arizona.

On a global scale, we start with you.

Our mission is to provide experiences that inspire people and motivate them to care for the natural world. In that spirit, the Zoo proudly supports a number of global programs through our Conservation and Science grants each year.

This year, staff recipients will help save imperiled hornbill species in Malaysia. In collaboration with international organizations, staff will be traveling to the rainforest of Borneo to work with local researchers to build artificial nest boxes for wild hornbills.

They will also help teach the local community on how to collect scientific data and monitor nesting success.

Staff were inspired by the rhinoceros hornbills at the Zoo to initiate this project, and have applied the knowledge of previous successes to help save their wild counterparts.

Just another reason why we are #MoreThanAZoo.