International Heritage Breeds Week aims to raise global awareness about endangered heritage breeds of livestock and poultry. When animal agriculture was industrialized, it resulted in the replacement of traditional livestock breeds with what have become the universal breeds and a related loss of genetic diversity.

Worldwide, about one domesticated livestock breed is lost every month.

Following the Phoenix’s Zoo mission to support conservation, we strive to bring awareness toward heritage breeds on Harmony Farm at the Zoo by displaying breeds that are on the Conservation Priority List with The Livestock Conservancy.

Here are some breeds we exhibit on the Farm and their respective status on the Conservation Priority List.


  • San Clemente Island Goat: Critical
  • Navajo Churro sheep: Threatened


  • Seabright: Threatened
  • Faverolle: Threatened
  • Andalusian: Watch
  • Delaware: Watch
  • Polish: Watch
  • Sussex: Watch
  • Cochin: Recovering
  • Royal Palm Turkey: Threatened

For more information about heritage breeds and The Livestock Conservancy, visit