We’re fortunate to have remarkable employees at the Phoenix Zoo — all of whom care deeply for animals and their native habitats. 

Case in point: primate zookeeper, Jessica Peterschick. 

As part of the Global Field masters program at Miami University of Ohio, Peterschick is spending a month in Borneo studying orangutans in conjunction with her Earth Expeditions course. 

Ahwatukee.com recently highlighted Peterschick for her inspirational devotion to Bornean orangutans. 

“Primates are incredibly intelligent, social and challenging,” said Peterschick, whose B.S. is in biology. “I have always had a passion for helping the environment and animals.”

Borneo seems like a good destination for Peterschick.

“I work with Bornean orangutans and many other primates at the Phoenix Zoo,” she explained. “Because of this I am passionate about learning more about them, seeing them in their natural habitat and experiencing community-based conservation actions across the world.”

Once in Borneo, she’ll rendezvous with students from around the world.

Congrats, Jessica! 

Just another example of how the Phoenix Zoo works to save species here in Arizona and around the world.