Summer Discount Extended!

UPDATE: August 29, 2017

It’s hard to believe, but construction on multiple areas of the Zoo has already been taking place for over two months! As always, we thank you for your patience and support during this time. We certainly know having several areas of the Zoo blocked off is an inconvenience, but we promise it will be totally be worth it once everything has been completed.

Very shortly, fencing will be going up as we begin work on enhanced habitats for the Aldabra tortoise, Galapagos tortoise and sand cat. Demo has started on improved facilities for our Ambassador Animal Resources team, and construction on the new amphitheater should kick off within a couple of months.

Remember the Savanna Grill? We’re happy to report construction is about 50% done! Work on the roof began this week. Check out the picture below; you can see the shell of what it will look like. Won’t it be nice to grab some food, take a quick break and eat indoors?!

Additionally, these projects gave us an opportunity to enhance our storm drains. The road leading up to the Savanna and toward our Desert Lives Trail will be widened a few feet which allows for better water flow in case we are privy to another monsoon storm like the one we saw earlier in August!

UPDATE: July 5, 2017

Construction is well under way! The old Savanna Grill is barley recognizable at the moment. Soon enough we will start to see the transformation into a more modern (and much cooler) indoor seating facility.

Please Note: The Giraffe Deck is now closed for the remainder of the summer due to construction in the area.

We will continue to provide updates and photos here. Please check back often for the latest information.


UPDATE: June 15, 2017

Over the next two weeks we will be preparing areas of the Zoo for construction. 

Savanna Grill will be closed from Monday, June 26 to early November for the new indoor seating project. Tasty treats and refreshing beverages can be found at Java Jungle, Cavern Café and Farmers Market at Harmony Farm.

During construction, certain views of the Savanna will be blocked and some animals may be off exhibit depending on their reaction (and tolerance) to the noise and equipment that accompany a project such as this. The road from the train station to the entrance of Desert Lives trail will also be closed June 26 to the end of September.

July 4 will be the last day the giraffe feeding deck is open until October.

The areas of the park closed for construction are shown in orange on the map to the right.


We are building a better Zoo for you!
To celebrate, enjoy early hours and cool summer pricing.

7 a.m. – 2 p.m. (daily) | members can enter at 6 a.m.

* Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.

Pardon our dust this summer while we improve and enhance several areas of our park. Throughout the summer, some animals will be off exhibit and habitats may be blocked from viewing along our Arizona and Africa Trails as we construct a replica of a historic Phoenix bakery, build an indoor seating area for our Savanna Grill and improve infrastructure in anticipation of our next expansion!

To make room for a new event center which will be nestled deep on the Arizona Trail, we are temporarily relocating some of our species to accommodate construction. Our collared peccaries can now be found in the current warthog habitat along the Africa Trail. Our male warthog, Olympus, has been moved to a behind-the-scenes area and is getting extra attention from his keepers while he graciously “rents” out his home. Our coyotes are off exhibit as well but will return once the project is complete in early 2018.

We are ecstatic to soon feature indoor seating at our Savanna Grill! The new area will accommodate up to 200 guests and provide a cool place to eat and relax, as well as offer a picturesque view of the Savanna. While construction is taking place, Savanna Grill concessions will be closed. However, tasty treats and refreshing beverages can be found at Cavern Café and Harmony Farm. During construction, certain views of the Savanna will be blocked and some animals may be off exhibit depending on their reaction (and tolerance) to the noise and equipment that accompany a project such as this.

Additionally, as we prepare the foundation for our exciting enhancements which are part of The Pride Campaign, the portion of the Africa Trail in front of the Savanna that leads to the lions will be closed. Don’t worry, though; you can still make your way up see our male and female lions, Kitambi and Cookie, from the other direction! Along the walk, you’ll pass by our zebras, flamingos, gerenuk, cheetahs and our newest arrival: LouLou the Southern white rhinoceros! The fennec foxes had to be relocated in order to accommodate this section of the Trail which will be undergoing utility work. The foxes will receive the same great care from their dedicated keepers in an off exhibit area of the Zoo.

We appreciate your patience during this exciting time, and will be sure to keep you updated on the progress of these projects.

Current Zoo map of planned construction areas. Click to enlarge or print.