What is Arizona Gives Day?

Arizona Gives Day is a state and nationwide, 24-hour, online giving campaign on April 3, 2018, that helps people find, learn about, and contribute to causes they believe in. Arizona Gives Day provides Arizona based non-profits with a way to share their story and engage the community through a unique online giving platform.

Why should I donate?

The Phoenix Zoo, part of the Arizona Center for Nature Conservation, is one of the largest non-profit zoological parks in the nation serving 1.4 million guests annually. The Zoo opened its gates more than 50 years ago and continues to be a treasured destination for locals, as well as guests from far and wide. Nestled on 125 acres of beautiful desert and lakes in Papago Park, the Zoo provides natural habitats for more than 3,000 animals, with more than 400 species represented including many endangered or threatened species from around the world. The Zoo is proud to provide educational programs to more than 160,000 children and adults each year and supports conservation efforts locally and internationally.

Where will your donation go?

This year, your donation will benefit the expansion of our Asian elephant habitat, a significant project of The Pride Campaign.

Mark your calendars for April 3, 2018! 

You can help us DOUBLE the size of our current Asian elephant habitat.

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The Phoenix Zoo is home to three very special Asian elephants: Indu, Reba and Sheena. The Zoo is embarking on an ambitious plan to double the available space for its elephants, providing ample room to roam – as well as husbandry care and behavioral enrichment. This additional space will allow the Zoo to continue its ground-breaking work in the advancement of care of these pachyderms. The expansion will also enable Zoo guests to view these amazing animals more consistently. Opportunities to see the high level of care required to maintain these magnificent animals will provide guests a better understanding of elephants, from their sensitive feet to their very active brains.

The Phoenix Zoo is a leader in elephant care, hosting biennial workshops for attendees from around the world. Workshops include education on proper husbandry, health care, protected contact, foot care, emergency procedures and management techniques. This expansion will play a key role in educating workshop attendees in the importance of proper habitat design for the best care of their animals and educating their public.

Indu, Reba and Sheena have been a part of the Zoo for many years and will continue to be for many years to come. It’s time to provide the best possible home for them, and the best possible opportunity for Zoo guests to view and understand them better.

The Asian Elephant Habitat Expansion budget is $1,740,200. Current commitments are $1,359,891; 78% of the project cost and overall fundraising goal. With the remaining funds needed of $380,309, we respectfully ask for your consideration of a gift to help us get to the finish line.

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