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Conservation Connection: The Significance of Siku

by lhardwick7212

By Carrie Flood Baby giraffe Siku is more than a pretty face. Siku, our newest baby giraffe, is undeniably adorable. She ranks a solid 11/10 on the cute scale. As much as you may enjoy coming to see her on the Savanna or seeing her picture on our social media, you can’t imagine how much […]

Conservation Connection: Not Just a Snake

by lhardwick7212
Louisiana Pine Snake

By Carrie Flood A snake? Really? YES REALLY. See, it’s never “just a snake.”  It’s an ecosystem, an interaction, a connection between living things. Think of all living things on earth as intersections on a giant orb web. As humans, we exert pressure or control on almost all living things, so we would be near […]

Conservation Connection: Operation Oryx

by lhardwick7212

By Carrie Flood The Association of Zoos and Aquariums are leaders in tackling the conservation problems facing the planet today. In 2017 alone, AZA-member institutions contributed about 160 million dollars to over 2,500 conservation initiatives in more than 100 countries. We support the efforts of local communities all over the world to save species in […]

The Cutest $81 Donation We’ve Ever Received

by lhardwick7212

Our mission at the Arizona Center for Nature Conservation/Phoenix Zoo is to provide experiences that inspire people and motivate them to care for the natural world. Six-year-old, Kaelyn McCall, embodies that spirit perfectly. Recently, Kaelyn happily created a free lemonade stand for her neighborhood. But in an uplifting twist of fate, people began to donate […]

Fernando’s Birthday Wishlist!

by lhardwick7212

Celebrate Fernando’s birthday by supporting him and his home with some great gifts! Gifts may be dropped off here at the zoo!   Lowe’s Gift Card Help improve Fernando’s home with plants and supplies from Lowe’s!                                         […]

Bringing Dinosaurs in the Desert to Phoenix Children’s Hospital

by lhardwick7212

Here at the Arizona Center for Nature Conservation/Phoenix Zoo, our mission is to advance the stewardship and conservation of animals and their habitats while providing experiences that inspire people and motivate them to care for the natural world. It’s something we certainly don’t take lightly, and try to find as many ways to connect individuals […]

California Condor Exams and Vaccination

by lhardwick7212

Weighing close to 20 pounds with a wing-span greater than nine feet, California condors are large and powerful birds. It took a team effort to secure them for their routine physical examinations this week. Two keepers held each bird and a third helped with their feet and wings as needed. While it may look uncomfortable […]

Annual Squirrel Monkey Exams a (Big) Team Effort

by lhardwick7212

We constantly receive feedback from our guests that Monkey Village is always on their must-see list when they visit the Zoo … no matter how many times they’ve been here! Monkey Village is a unique, open exhibit where squirrel monkeys scamper through bushes and trees just inches away. In fact, it’s the only walk-through squirrel […]

The Trumpeter Swan … in Phoenix?

by lhardwick7212

Each staff member at the Phoenix Zoo LOVES animals. So when Bird Keeper, Kyle Waites, heard through the grapevine that a swan was spotted at the Children’s Zoo Lake, he grabbed his camera to take some photos of the beautiful bird. However, after close scrutiny, many photos and multiple lengthy discussions with various people, they […]