Trick… or treat?

A delightfully spooky event for all ages!

Howl-O-Ween includes activities and experiences for the whole family. Please be aware of the activity’s description before participating.

Looking for scary tricks? SCARY activities are for guests eight years and older who like a good scare!

Sweet treats more your style? MERRY activities are appropriate for all ages.

  • Merry Activities
  • Scary Activities
  • Brave enough to spend the night?
  • Volunteer


Merry Activities are appropriate for all ages

  • 4-D Theater* Happy Family
  • Camel Rides* Take a ride and get your picture taken on one of the world’s most amazing animals.
  • Character Meet & Greet 

Arizona Avengers

Arizona Ghostbusters

Dune Sea Garrison – Prepare to serve the Emperor by joining First Order Stormtroopers from the 501st

Justice League – Put on your superhero capes and come together with the Justice League of Arizona as they restore peace to the planet.

Moon Mermaid – Born of the moon and the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, join Moon Mermaid on a magical adventure when she splashes back to the Zoo.


  • Extinct Animal Graveyard
  • Take a walk through this unusual graveyard as you learn about endangered species and what you can do to help protect them.
  • Mad Hatter Dance Party
    Ever wonder what was really down the rabbit hole? The best dance party in all of Wonderland, of course! Join Studio 8 while you dance to kid-friendly tunes and classic Halloween hits.
  • Magic Shows
    Experience magic in a mysteriously fun way!
    Showtimes: 7 p.m., 7:45 p.m. & 8:30 p.m.
  • Magical Midway Carnival Games
    This isn’t your typical midway. Test your luck with these fairytale-themed carnival games.
  • Nature’s Nightmares Animal Encounters
    Get up close and personal with some of the Zoo’s very own “Nature’s Nightmares” and learn fun facts about these creatures of the dark.
  • Pirates of the “Scare”-ibbean
    Aye Matey! Come aboard and witness this thrilling pirate sword fight! It’s sure to shiver ye timbers!
  • Psychic & Tarot Readings
    Want to know what your future holds? Sit down with Bob the Psychic to find out.
  • “Scare”ousel*
    Enjoy a special ride on our spider-web-covered carousel.
  • “Shipwreck Bay” at Stingray Bay*
    Experience this interactive underwater encounter and come “hand to fin” with stingrays and sharks.
    PLEASE NOTE: For the safety of the animals, we have restrictions for those entering Stingray Bay during the event:

    • Anyone with make-up, paint or glitter on their hands or arms must refrain from entering the exhibit.
    • Be aware of costume pieces or accessories that may fall or dip into the pool. They must be removed or secured, keeping them from touching the water.
    • Please contact a Zoo staff member with any questions about these restrictions.
  • The Great Pumpkin Pathway
    Wander along a pathway full of jack-o-lanterns and be sure to keep an eye out for all of the fun carvings and decorations.
  • Trick or Treat Trail
    Stroll through the Arizona Trail for fun tricks and candy treats.


Scary activities are recommended for guests eight years and older who like a good scare!

Please be aware and use your discretion when participating
in the following activities.


  • Urban Legend Lane
    Wander along a path of urban legends and encounter characters you’ve only heard about in myths.
  • Haunt for Dead October
  • Feel the terror of the deep in the Haunt for Dead October. Dare to enter a Soviet submarine and be menaced by radioactive Russian zombies.
  • Walking Dead Way
    Don’t make any sudden movements … escaped and hungry zombies roam the pathway waiting to feast on human flesh.scary1
  • Vampires Awakening
    Enter the Lair of Darkness where thirsty vampires await to feed on the living.
  • Creepy Asylum
    Experience this insane “funhouse”. Try not to stare … you could end up being their next resident!
  • Post-Apocalyptic Train Tour*
    Take a train ride to the darkest and scariest corners of the Zoo where even we won’t venture on our own! Let’s hope you make it back in one piece…
  • Phoenix Arizona Paranormal Society
    Learn about paranormal investigations from the professionals – with real evidence of ghosts and EVP (electric voice phenomena) recordings.

Are you brave enough to spend the night?

Get the best of the Night Camp experience along with the Howl-O-Ween festivities!

Our HOWL overnight night camp includes guided trail hikes, up-close animal encounters, delightfully spooky activities and games, a barbecue dinner, a delicious late-night snack and a continental breakfast. Best for campers ages 7 and up, you will have the fang-tastic opportunity to experience the Zoo when the nocturnal animals are waking up at night and the diurnal animals are waking up in the morning. Will you wake to the sounds of coyotes yipping … or perhaps the things that go bump in the night?!

Join us… if you dare!

Want to volunteer at one of the coolest Halloween events in the valley?

We are looking for fun, enthusiastic people to help out with several acting and non-acting roles!

Sign up today!

For more information please contact the volunteer office at


*Additional fees apply | Activities subject to change without notice

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