Baby Bornean orangutan at the Phoenix ZooOur baby orangutan needs a name! Our staff has selected five names, each with its own special meaning, and we invite you to vote on your favorite choice. The winning name will be announced at a baby shower event at the Zoo on November 8, 2014. Voting ends November 6, 2014 at 8 p.m. MST.

The five potential names are:

Abadi – meaning “enduring”
Duke – honoring the baby’s grandmother Duchess
Jantung – meaning “heart”
Jiwa – meaning “soul”
Warisan – meaning “legacy”

Voting is now closed!

Join us at our Baby Shower and Naming event on Saturday, November 8 to find out the winning name!
We will share the winning name on our website and social media after the event has concluded.
Thank you for your votes!

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Bornean orangutan Bess holding her baby at the Phoenix Zoo

About the Baby:

The baby orangutan was born on Tuesday afternoon, September 2, 2014 to mother Bess and father Michael. Bornean orangutan newborns spend the first four to five months clinging tightly to their mothers, so it will still be awhile before the baby begins moving about independently. At this young age, the baby spends much of his time nursing and sleeping. He has not been weighed or measured at this time. Orangutan young remain with their mothers until they are around seven years old, making theirs one of the longest childhoods in the animal kingdom. Bess and her baby boy are now able to be seen each day; however, it remains up to her regarding when and for how long.

More About Bornean Orangutans:

Bornean orangutan are listed as ‘Endangered’ and  scientists estimate that wild orangutans could be extinct in 5-10 years if their forest habitat continues to be destroyed at the current rate. Forests in Borneo and Sumatra are being destroyed for lumber and to produce palm oil, which is used in countless snack foods, household cleaning supplies and cosmetics. You can help reduce demand for unsustainably harvested palm oil by purchasing products that use certified sustainable palm oil and by supporting the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil at

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