Have you ever seen a bush dog?

ACNC/Phoenix Zoo’s field conservation research director, Jan Schipper, and his colleagues in Costa Rica have been hoping for over a decade to see evidence of these elusive animals on their research cameras.

Dr. Schipper and ProCAT team members, Dr. José F. González-Maya and Diego A. Gómez Hoyos, recently captured the first images of bush dogs north of Panama, and at the highest elevation ever.

“We had been putting so much effort into finding something that was incredibly rare that when we finally got the image, it was like Christmas,” says Schipper, field conservation research director at the Phoenix Zoo. 

This project is one of several receiving support from the ACNC/Phoenix Zoo.

Every trip to the Zoo helps us learn more and do more for animals here in Arizona and across the globe. Visit NatGeo’s article for more details about this discovery. Small world note: Dr. Karen DeMatteo, the bush dog expert quoted in this article, has also received funding through the ACNC/Phoenix Zoo Conservation Grants program for her work on carnivore ecology in South America.

“The fact that they’re there,” Schipper says, “means we’re doing something right.”