Our blue-crowned motmots, which can be found in the Forest of Uco, have been busy preparing for their breeding season in March. They will dig extensive burrows to nest in (months in advance) to give the entrance of the burrow a well-worn look so as to not attract unwanted attention when their chicks hatch. 

Unfortunately for us, our motmots bypassed the burrow system we had installed for them and dug their own. Fearing collapse, we set about excavating their tunnels to replace them with something much more structurally sound. 

Thus, 6″ and 4″ corrugated pipe were placed to mimic the paths that the motmots had dug. These pipes were routed to a box that would allow us to access the nest to do welfare checks on any chicks that had hatched. Once we were satisfied with the routing, the corrugated pipe was filled with dirt, laid in place and buried.

We are happy to announce that within hours of completing this project, the motmots were busy excavating all the dirt from the corrugated pipes!