Our mission at the Arizona Center for Nature Conservation/Phoenix Zoo is to provide experiences that inspire people and motivate them to care for the natural world.

Six-year-old, Kaelyn McCall, embodies that spirit perfectly.

Recently, Kaelyn happily created a free lemonade stand for her neighborhood. But in an uplifting twist of fate, people began to donate money to her as a thank you.

Kaelyn’s mom, Paula, asked her what she wanted to do with the $81 she raised.

An aspiring zoo veterinarian, Kaelyn decided to donate the funds to the Zoo.

When we heard about this kind, unique gesture, we wanted to make the experience special for Kaelyn. We found out her favorite animal is a giraffe and invited Kaelyn for a personal feeding at our Giraffe Encounter.

Kaelyn excitedly presented her $81 check to Liesl King, Hoofstock Manager, and Rich Sartor, Director of Living Collections.

Pretty awesome, right?

On behalf of the entire Phoenix Zoo team, thank you, Kaelyn!