We constantly receive feedback from our guests that Monkey Village is always on their must-see list when they visit the Zoo … no matter how many times they’ve been here!

Monkey Village is a unique, open exhibit where squirrel monkeys scamper through bushes and trees just inches away. In fact, it’s the only walk-through squirrel monkey exhibit in the United States. 

Our zookeepers do a phenomenal job taking care of the beautiful habitat, along with its adorable inhabitants. That includes the exceptional daily care and well-being of the squirrel monkeys, providing them with enrichment and dozens of other behind-the-scenes duties.

Each year, the monkeys receive a comprehensive, routine exam — and the entire process is rather remarkable.

This year, it involved two veterinarians, two veterinary technicians, two veterinary student externs and six zookeepers.

Each monkey is placed under anesthesia for the exam which includes a head-to-toe physical examination, bloodwork, radiographs, tuberculin skin testing and vaccinations.

When the exams are complete, the monkeys are cuddled by a keeper in a warm towel to monitor them as they wake up from their power nap. (How cute is that?!)

We are happy to report all monkeys received a clean bill of health!

Check out a video recap of the day-long effort below: