Bring meerkats to the Phoenix Zoo!

#GivingTuesday inspires people to take collective action to improve their communities, give back in better, smarter ways to the charities and causes they believe in and help create a better world. It demonstrates how every act of generosity counts, and that they mean even more when we give together.

Join the Mob

This year, you can help the Phoenix Zoo build a new home for a group (also known as a “mob”) of meerkats, as part of The Pride Campaign, Africa Trail expansion. These small animals are constantly active, highly social and will prove to be one of the most entertaining mammals on the trail. Each member of the “mob” has special duties that benefit and help the group survive – whether it be babysitting, collecting food, or watching out for threats.

It’s our job to build a home for this meerkat “mob!”

Visit to support our efforts on #GivingTuesday! So far, with current commitments we are at 89% of the project goal. You can join our “mob” today, by donating to help create the best environment possible for the Zoo’s new residents, the meerkats.

Thank you for supporting the Phoenix Zoo and helping provide experiences that inspire people and motivate them to care for the natural world.

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