Critter Keepers

Experience what it’s like to be a zookeeper! During this non-stop, fun-filled afternoon, young Critter Keepers participate in all aspects of animal care including cleaning, distributing diets and preparing enrichment items for our animal collection. Small class sizes allow us to offer an exclusive and personalized adventure in which children experience the excitement, hard work and patience required to be a zookeeper and care for Zoo animals.

All Critter Keepers are outfitted with a t-shirt and water bottle.

For children 6 – 9 years old.

Program Details


6 – 9 years old

Program Date & Time:

October 12 and 13: Forest of Uco
November 10 and 16: Tropics I
December 1 and 21: AZ Trail
January 15 and 18: Ambassador Animals
February 15 and 16: Children’s Trail
March 5 and 21: Tropics Trail
April 8 and 21: Farm
May 3 and 16: Africa Trail

Program Fees:

Members: $50

General: $67