Lunch with a Keeper

Lunch with a Keeper is like a coveted backstage pass to meet the band. Enjoy a pizza lunch while you make friends with (and learn from) animal experts – our zookeepers! Ask questions that only a keeper can answer and listen to stories that only a keeper can tell. After lunch, be treated to an exclusive glimpse into the day-to-day experiences of our keeper staff through an animal experiences or behind-the-scenes tour. This unique experience is one of the best at the Zoo; you’ll truly understand the passion and dedication involved with being a zookeeper.

For children 6-10 years and a caregiver.                                                     


Program Details


6- 9 years + caregiver

Program Date & Time:

November 30: Giraffe
January 25: Elephant
March 14: African Carnivore
May 9: Orangutan

12-1:45 p.m.

Program Fees:

Child/Adult Pair: $54
Extra Adult: $20
Extra Child: $40

Child/Adult Pair: $72
Extra Adult: $25
Extra Child: $54