Dr. Juan M. Campos Krauer
Executive Director of the Chaco Center for Conservation and Research/Proyecto Tagua
Wednesday, January 22, 2020 (must RSVP by January 15)
5:30 – 7 p.m. (program begins at 5:40 p.m.)
Phoenix Zoo | C.W. & Modene Neely Event Center
Light refreshments provided

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The Gran Chaco region is a unique ecosystem, considered by many to be the world’s largest continuous tropical dry forest. The Gran Chaco harbors high biodiversity, matching that of the Amazon forest, including many endemic species, such as the Chacoan peccary. The region is also a global deforestation hotspot due to the alarming rate of deforestation for cattle ranching and soybean cultivation. Conservation in the region faces great challenges given the agricultural potential of the region and the growing global demands for agricultural products. In this presentation, Dr. Juan Campos will share the wonderful Chaco biodiversity that is at risk of disappearing.

Dr. Juan Campos serves as director of the Chaco Center for Conservation and Research (CCCI), and assistant professor in the University of Florida Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences and Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation. A flagship program of the CCCI is Proyecto Tagua, which is focused on captive breeding and population management, research, reintroduction and community education supporting Chacoan peccary conservation. The Phoenix Zoo has provided funds to Proyecto Tagua through our conservation grants program and our own Dr. Gary West has traveled with Dr. Campos to CCCI on several occasions to conduct health assessments on the peccaries living there.