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Three of Arizona’s favorite painters will exhibit their latest work inspired by the natural world in their unique styles.

Through this exhibit, guests can engage in the Zoo’s mission to care for the natural world.

The Savanna Gallery is located in the Savanna Grill.

A portion of the proceeds benefits the Zoo’s conservation initiatives.

Event Details


February 1 – May 31, 2020


Savanna Gallery at the Phoenix Zoo


9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

featured artists

There are two criteria for a painting that Anne Peyton places in each of her finished pieces: One is that the final image shows respect for the subject; the second is that viewers can learn something after studying the art. They are two principles that the artist has carried over to her career as a wildlife artist, concentrating on birds and avian art.

For 20 years, Anne was one of the most sought after motorsports artists, accurately depicting all types of racing vehicles that drew the attention of drivers, sponsors, art collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Today, she has turned her eye and hand to the natural world. “In a way, it’s closing a circle. Birds and other wildlife were the subjects of my earliest paintings. My grandfather had a number of feeders at his Fort Collins (Colorado) home and he was very proud of the birds that visited his yard. I would spend several hours at the table sketching and painting the birds.

An avid birder, Anne has spent countless hours viewing birds around Arizona and the Southwest. “Observing birds and their habits is a way to discover more about their nature – the motions a Sandhill Crane makes during preening, the way a Golden Eagle walks along the ground instead of hopping or taking a short flight, or the frantic scolding of a House Wren guarding its nest hole. Each of these actions means something for the bird and it is these actions and their meanings that I want to convey to the viewer.”

Anne dedicates several hours each month to volunteering at Liberty Wildlife; a Scottsdale-based rehabilitation and education organization that treats injured animals. Sometimes, a bird cannot be released back into the wild. Zoos claim some while others become avian ambassadors for their species at Liberty’s presentations. Anne’s specialty is training owls, hawks, eagles and falcons to become accustomed to people in educational and group settings.

“Each bird is an individual and behaves differently. Even among the same species, each bird has a distinct personality. That surprised me when I first started working with these amazing creatures, but it is an aspect that has served me well in the field and in my art.”

Anne Peyton is based in Phoenix, Arizona. She is a member of the following professional art associations:

  • Society of Animal Artists, Signature Member since 2000
  • The Bennington Collective, Master Artist since 2017
  • National Oil and Acrylic Painters’ Society, Signature Member since 2004
  • Artists for Conservation, Signature Member since 2005
  • Women Artists of the West, Signature Member since 2012, Master Signature since 2016
  • National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylics, Associate Member since 2005
  • American Plains Artists, Associate Member since 2010, Signature Member since 2014
  • American Women Artists, Associate Member since 2012, Signature Member since 2018

Her work has been shown in several exhibitions, including “Birds in Art” (Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, Wis.) and several Society of Animal Artists “Art and the Animal “ shows. In 2012, Anne had her first solo exhibition, “Longed for Still: The Avian Art of Anne Peyton,” at the Great Plains Art Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska. She also painted at the museum for several days as the 2012 Elizabeth Rubendall Artist-in-Residence.
You can follow the current “JoyEful Party Animals” adventures at

Joye DeGoede (pronounced Joy Dee-Good) is the artist behind the original “JoyEful Party Animals”®. She left her 18 year art teaching career in 2012 to pursue art full time.  Not long into her grand adventure, she realized she quit her real job.  She called her favorite bunny and scotch loving Aunt.  A fun idea emerged from the phone conversation.   Joye was inspired to paint a little rabbit with a glass of scotch.  She named him “Hop Scotch”©.  The “JoyEful Party Animals”® were born!  

Her works juxtapose reality with fantasy, inspiring the viewer to see the fun in the mundane and the vast opportunities for joy in our everyday world. Joye, says “I love painting the surrealistic mixture of animals imitating human habits and in their natural habitat.  My art has taken an unanticipated fun turn. I was very serious with my subject matter and message. Life is too short not to laugh, smile and enjoy life. I haven’t strayed from my original artist statement, just a “Joyeful rabbit trail.”

“Art emanates from the heart.  One does not choose to become an artist, but is instead chosen by the art.  I have always had a need to translate my thoughts into art.  To my mind, art and emotions are synonymous.  My wish is that my work will shake up the way we see and appreciate the everyday life around us.  To cause the viewer to slow down for a time; to see the curiosity in a child’s eyes, the wisdom in an older face, the power of beast and nature… ultimately to seek to understand and respect our world around us.  I believe if we find seek to find joy and focus on the positive aspects of life; we will clearly see opportunities to solve the challenges on our planet.”

Joye DeGoede is Head Artist in Residence at the Gallery at el Pedregal, located at the Boulders Resort in Scottsdale, AZ.   In 2019, Joye was invited to by the U.S. State Department – Arts in the Embassies (AIE) to a three year exhibition in the US Embassy in Montenegro.  Joye will be participating in a Invitational three artist show at the  Phoenix Zoo – Art on the Wild Side, February – May 2020.  Her works are in the permanent collection of the Arizona Governor’s Office including Governor Brewer’s official oil portrait, and the National Capitol Tree People’s Choice Award winner, and in many private collections in the U.S. and abroad. 

Joye graduated from Westminster College with a BS in Fine Art with an Emphasis in Medical Illustration.  She also holds an Associate Degree in Commercial and Graphic Art.  DeGoede is a juried member of several professional organizations, and her works have been featured in multiple shows across the country. Some of the shows and organizations are the National Oil & Acrylic Painters Shows, International Guild of Realism, Salmagundi Club shows in NYC, several AAPL Grand National Exhibitions at the Salmagundi Club in NYC, The Mountain Oyster Club Juried Invitational Exhibitions, ,  Oil Painters of America, American Women Artists, Sonoran Arts League juried shows, AZ Art Alliance and the Scottsdale Artist’s School Best and Brightest Exhibitions. There are many more.  You can follow the current “JoyEful Party Animals” adventures at

Award winning Arizona artist, Lucy Dickens has created a unique, story-like approach to landscape painting, which has the Fine Art Community and collectors abuzz. Dickens discovers the landscape, and then transforms it into a narrative pictorial on canvas. Her landscape paintings convey an emotional reaction that transports the viewer into scenes of beautiful tranquility; an authentic place and time.

“I paint landscapes because I’m drawn to moments that take my breath away”, explains Dickens. “It’s those moments of beauty that cause me to feel, to reflect, and to give thanks; a scene that has a power, placidity and intensity that draws me in. It’s these fleeting illustrations that I strive to capture. There is a story in these segments of time, and therefore, a story in all my paintings. I am a fine art storyteller.”

As the daughter of a watercolorist and a photographer, Dickens spent most of her childhood exploring the outdoors. She and her family would hike and camp their way through the back country of Arizona and the greater Southwest. In more recent time, Dickens has had the opportunity to travel to some of the most beautiful places on Earth. These experiences instilled a great appreciation for nature and a ubiquitous beauty, along with a passion for capturing such experiences on canvas and in word.

Dickens employs her spiritual love of nature to evoke feelings of peace in her artwork. “The interplay of light and shadow draw me deeply into a scene,” she explains of her process. “What does the light touch? What is hiding in the shadows? I love ‘the magic hour’ just before dusk when the shadows grow long and the golden light caresses the landscape before me.”

From an early age, Dickens has been drawn to the incredible work of the great masters, especially the Hudson River Valley painters, such as Thomas Cole and Fredrick Church. She spent time studying these artists, their handling of oil paints, mastery of atmosphere and light, and capturing a sense of the divine that influences her work today.

“I most enjoy painting in a series from my travels; bringing my viewers along for the journey through depicting images and my written ‘story’ accompanying each painting,” explains Dickens. “I hope to evoke feelings of serenity and grace, a scene to transport you to another place and time exploring the mystery within, to capture memories, and those fleeting moments of beauty. There is a story evolving all around us and my hope is to inspire others through my images and words.”

Dickens resides in the majestic state of Arizona where she feels it’s a privilege to be surrounded by the colorful and dynamic imagery of the Southwest. She furthers, “There are few places on Earth where you can enjoy the morning on a glorious lake cut by glaciers and rising red rocks, have lunch watching a gentle snowfall in a quiet forest, then end the day watching a sunset standing on the rim of the largest canyon in the world! Arizona is an artist’s paradise and as an artist, I’ve dedicated my life to capturing this God given beauty on canvas.”

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