The Bigger Picture: Art Exhibit & Fundraising Reception

Focusing our lenses on what bonds us together rather than what sets us apart.

Join us for a special fundraising presentation in the Zoo’s Doornbos Discovery Amphitheater to hear veterinarian Dr. David Eshar, Director of Animal Health and the Executive Director of the Wildlife Hospital of Israel and Safari Zoological Center of Ramat Gan, and Dr. Gilad Goldstein, Zoo Curator of Israel’s Safari Ramat Gan, discuss the plight of the imperiled Eurasian griffon vulture.

Playing a critical role in natural ecosystems, vultures are the most threatened raptors in the world and both the Phoenix Zoo and Safari Ramat Gan share the common goal of working on conservation programs to ensure their survival. The net proceeds of this event will go toward the goal of enlarging Ramat Gan’s vulture habitat to add two more breeding pairs to its current single pair to further increase Israel’s wild population.

Event Details


October 15, 2023


Phoenix Zoo


6 – 8:30 p.m.


$25 per person

Once the presentation from Dr. Eshar and Dr. Goldstein has concluded we will provide transportation via the Safari cruiser to the Savanna Gallery, where guests will enjoy food and drink while exploring The Bigger Picture art exhibit. Keepers will be in attendance as well to answer any questions about animals featured in the photography!  

Donations at the event over $100 will be entered into a drawing to name a newborn animal at the Safari Ramat Gan! A kosher menu and beverages served in the Zoo’s Savanna Gallery will follow the presentation where stunning photography from both conservation organizations will be showcased.

Photo by Assaf Cohen

Photo by Elad Hershkowiz

Photo by William Driver

Photo by Yam Siton

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