Visit Harmony Farm for a real farm experience!

Enjoy cows, horses, chickens, turkeys, sheep and goats as well as farm tractors and equipment to climb on and explore.

Within the large Red Barn, you can get up-close and pet and brush the goats. This experience is a favorite for all ages as well as for the goats!

Harmony Farm goats at the Phoenix Zoo

As you leave the Red Barn, stop by the grassy area to see a model of a Shamrock Farms milking cow.

Be sure to spend time at the Windmill House presented by the Arizona Milk Producers. Inside you’ll find a perfect place for kids to learn and play at the same time. This area is full of toys and games to help children explore where their food comes from, how to care for farm animals, what life is like on a farm and the benefits of eating healthy foods. The shelves inside the Holstein Room (the front room) are filled with puppets, puzzles, children’s books and much more.  The room also features the Arizona Milk Producers’ milk bottle kiosk with fun interactive dairy and nutrition games. While families play in the front, the Jersey Room (the back room) is set aside for the Phoenix Zoo’s Farm Tots program, 4-H meetings, birthday parties and other activities.

Harmony Farm Windmill House

Just outside the Windmill House you’ll find the Fruit and Veggie Garden, an interactive learning experience, complete with hands-on activities emphasizing local agriculture. Explore planters and flood irrigation, visit the worm station, test your knowledge in the herb garden and learn about the impact of agriculture to the state of Arizona and the critical role wildlife plays in the success of plant growth.  The Fruit and Veggie Garden is generously funded by Arizona Department of Agriculture, Rousseau Farming Company and Western Growers Foundation.

Finally, don’t forget to take the little ones to play at Discovery Farm presented by the Arizona Milk Producers. This unique play space is complete with a silo slide, a play tractor to drive and even a miniature-sized Red Barn.

Don’t miss out on our Programs!
We also offer exciting programs to explore Harmony Farm even more. Farm Tots introduces children ages 18 – 24 months to farm animals and caregiving with a different animal theme each month. Children ages 6 – 8 years can be a farm keeper through our Critter Keeper program. Visit here for more details.

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