Sensory Sensitivity

The Phoenix Zoo has partnered with KultureCity to improve our ability to assist and accommodate guests with sensory processing needs. Our objective is to provide an inclusive and seamless experience for ALL guests regardless of age and ability including those with sensory processing needs. 

Sensory Bags

Sensory bags containing fidget tools, noise-canceling headphones and other resources, are available for checkout in the following locations:

  • Guest Services Lobby
  • 4-D Theater and Safari Cruiser Station

Weighted Lap Pads

Weighted lap pads are also available upon request.

  • Guest Services Lobby
  • 4-D Theater and Safari Cruiser Station

Quiet Zones

The Zoo has designated “Quiet Zones” throughout the park. These areas typically have less activity and spaces to sit and regroup after becoming overstimulated.

Quiet Zones are in the following locations:

  • Arizona Trail between coyote and condor exhibits
  • The Rose Garden near greater flamingo
  • Emily’s Butterfly Garden on the Children’s Trail
  • Tropical Flights Trail
  • Between the Forest of Uco and the Thunderbirds Charities Equine Facility

Headphone Zones

We have identified areas that are noisy and where guests tend to linger as “Headphone Zones.”  

These areas include:

  • Arizona Trail Aviary (near Stingray Bay)
  • Isle of the Tiger
  • Orangutan Bilik
  • Petting Zoo in the Big Red Barn
  • Small Wonders/Reptile Nursery on the Children’s Trail
  • Python exhibit on the Children’s Trail

Staff Training

The most powerful aspect of the Sensory Inclusive Zoo Initiative is the continued staff training. Our staff participate in training sessions designed to raise their awareness of sensory processing disorders, inform them about the services provided through the Sensory Inclusive Zoo Initiative and discuss strategies that they can implement in their daily work to help the Phoenix Zoo reach its goal to be “Sensory Inclusive.”


See below for a map of our headphone and quiet zones.