Virtual Field Trips

Visit the Phoenix Zoo from the comfort of your home or classroom! Virtual Field Trips include pre-recorded guided tours with three different animals, a review activity, accompanying worksheet and challenge activity, PLUS a 15-minute live, virtual Q&A session with a Zoo Educator*. All virtual field trip themes are aligned to Arizona State Standards.

*Option to add an additional 15-minute virtual, live encounter that includes ambassador animals to your Q&A session for an added fee.

Virtual Animal Encounter Add-on:

Add a virtual, live encounter with ambassador animals to your Q&A session!

Program Fee:
$50 per field trip (in addition to the $50 virtual field trip fee)

Program Details


Kindergarten – Eighth Grade

Group Size:

Maximum of 40 attendees per field trip

Platforms for the Virtual Q&A Session:

Zoom and Google Meets

Timeslots Available:

Monday – Thursday
8:30 a.m., 9:30 a.m., 10:30 a.m. or 11:30 a.m.

Program Fees:

$50 per field trip


We require three weeks’ notice to book a program.
To register or learn more, call 602.914.4333.
Once registered, you’ll receive a confirmation email
with additional details.


Fangs, beaks, and tusks, oh my! Did you know that animals have different types of teeth? Come join us as we visit some of our animals at the Zoo to uncover what their teeth can tell us about what they eat and where they get their energy.

Designed for kindergarten through second grade. 

Have you ever wondered how energy moves within an ecosystem? Explore the Tropics Trail with us and have an up-close encounter with three animals who play important and unique roles in the rainforest!

Designed for third through fifth grade. 

How do humans affect wildlife and ecosystems? Assume the role of a wildlife manager while we explore the Arizona Trail to discuss and observe three extraordinary species that we can directly impact! 

Designed for sixth through eighth grade.