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Flamingo Chick Updates

February 2023

Our greater flamingo flock is growing…AGAIN!

The two fluffballs hatched this month on February 9 & 13 and are being well cared for by their parents. There are another 7 eggs being carefully monitored by our keepers and tended to by the flock.

The chicks received their first exam the other day and both have received a clean bill of health.

July 2022

An adult greater flamingo leans down to feed a baby chick

Our flock is growing!

We’re excited to announce that greater flamingo chicks are hatching in the greater flamingo habitat on the Africa Trail
at the Phoenix Zoo – the first time in our Zoo history!

Greater flamingo chicks hatch with white/gray, downy feathers and straight bills. They won’t get their iconic pink color
and hook-shaped bills for several years.

Flamingo parents are team players, both helping to build the nest, which looks like a mini mud volcano, and incubate the egg.
Once the greater flamingo chick hatches, both parents produce crop milk , which is filled with healthy proteins and fats,
until the chick can eat on its own.

The chicks flock together in large groups called crèches, and are looked after by a few adults. The parents will visit the crèche to
feed their chick with crop milk. The chicks and their parents are able to recognize one another through their distinctive calls!

Follow along for future updates, as the chicks continue to grow!