Howl your support for the Zoo!

Join the Wolfpack, the Phoenix Zoo’s monthly giving program, and help sustain the critical work of caring for over 3,000 animals, educating people from across the world and helping our conservation partners in the field.

How it works

It’s the easiest and greenest way to give! 

No paperwork, no hassle, just choose the amount you’d like to donate, and your contribution is automatically processed each month.

Every January, you will receive an acknowledgment letter with your total contribution for the entire year. 

Your donation goes a long way…

$25 a month buys enrichment toys for our orangutan family.

$50 a month feeds one Arabian oryx for a year.

$100 a month supports the black-footed ferrets breeding and release program.

$200 a month helps us buy meat for our hungry carnivores.

Why are you a monthly donor?

“One doesn’t need to look very far to see the positive impact the Phoenix Zoo has had, not only in Arizona, but worldwide. The zoo’s involvement in education, conservation, research, and species preservation reaches out to many areas on the globe. I can’t think of a better way to help preserve our planet and its life forms than to make regular ongoing contributions to support the Phoenix Zoo and its local and global efforts.”
Connie Pope
“As an avid fan of all the shows on television that highlight various zoos around the world, I have a much better understanding of the work, and the costs that goes into the conservation, study, breeding, and care of animals. The mission of a zoo today is not to capture and incarcerate animals but instead to bring awareness of an ecosystem that needs to support and share scarce resources equally. While I can’t change the world, I can contribute in some small way to promote the conservation of animals in my local zoo.”
Wolf Widelife
Dan Piercy

For more information, please contact Chris Gutierrez at cgutierrez@phoenixzoo.org or 602.914.4362.

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The Phoenix Zoo is one of the largest non-profit zoos in the U.S., caring for over 3,000 animals, with nearly 400 species represented, including many threatened/endangered species.