Are you wild about art?

Join the Phoenix Zoo in celebrating the splendor of animals and nature with Art on the Wild Side, a program dedicated to inspiration, celebration and conservation through art. Exhibits in our Savanna Gallery and Wild Side Gallery rotate throughout the year, each featuring a selection of artists who share their unique vision of wildlife and conservation via photography, paint and mixed media, allowing new ways for guests to engage in the Zoo’s mission to care for the natural world while being inspired by nature and animals.

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Savanna Gallery

A Closer Look

At conservation…
at nature…
at ourselves.

Savanna Gallery
(Located in the Savanna Grill)
September 9, 2022 - January 31, 2023

It’s been said that art is all in the details… and that’s precisely what “A Closer Look” aims to explore. The often-overlooked world of particulars, specifics and minutia is unmistakably found within Todd McGrain’s Lost Bird Project, Bree Deverill’s wall art and Eirini Pajak’s macro-photography.

The “little” things matter. We hope the artwork you see here in the Savanna Gallery inspires you to reconnect with the insatiable beauty in the details. 

Meet the Artists

Bree Deverill

Eirini Pajak

Bree Deverill

Eirini Pajak

Todd McGrain
The Lost Bird Project

The Lost Bird Project is part natural history, part artist’s diary, documenting the extraordinary effort to place a series of public memorials to birds driven to extinction in modern times. As a chronicle of humankind’s impact on our changing world and a moving record of dwindling biodiversity, The Lost Bird Project is an ode to vanished times and vanished species. 

The Great Auk, Labrador Duck, Passenger Pigeon, Carolina Parakeet, and Heath Hen were birds that once filled unique niches in the North American landscape from the shores of Labrador and New York to the Midwestern plains. Across the great American prairie, the skies were nearly black with Passenger Pigeons whose disappearance, like the buffalo’s, was thought to be inconceivable.

Wild Side Gallery

Between River and Rim
February – September 2023
Included with Zoo Admission
Reception on February 2 | TICKETS

Join the Phoenix Zoo as we celebrate art and the splendor of nature in our all-new Wild Side Gallery, the Zoo’s first venue dedicated to the rotating exhibits of Art on the Wild Side.

This visionary gallery brings the Valley’s history to life with this refurbishment of one of the Zoo’s original 1970s buildings. Originally an Activity Center, the Wild Side Gallery will now allow the Zoo to share the wonders of the arts with our nearly 1.4 million annual guests.

As one of the top attractions in Arizona, the Phoenix Zoo is pleased to present the Wild Side Gallery’s premiere exhibit highlighting the magnificence of THE top attraction: the Grand Canyon. This exhibit, Between River and Rim, is presented in partnership with Grand Canyon Trust and showcases the work of acclaimed National Geographic photographer Pete McBride and author Kevin Fedarko, who share their journey of nearly 800 trail-less miles through the heart of the Grand Canyon and the threats to the canyon they discovered along the way.

Don’t miss this exhibit’s grand opening reception, where Pete and Kevin will share the stage to bring their story to life. Tickets for the reception are on sale now!

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