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SUPER CUTE | Annual Squirrel Monkey Exams at the Phoenix Zoo

by lhardwick7212

We constantly receive feedback from our guests that Monkey Village is always on their must-see list when they visit the Zoo … no matter how many times they’ve been here! Monkey Village is a unique, open exhibit where squirrel monkeys scamper through bushes and trees just inches away. In fact, it’s the only walk-through squirrel […]

The Story of Ruby and Our Burrowing Owls

by lhardwick7212
Phoenix Zoo giraffes

Members Michelle Clark and daughter, Ruby, personify the #MoreThanAZoo experience offered daily at the Phoenix Zoo.  Ruby has attended classes at the Zoo since she was a baby. She started with Farm Tots and Breakfast With the Animals, and now frequents Wild Science Academy and Lunch With a Keeper for Families.  “She just loves the […]

Art on the Wild Side

by lhardwick7212

“Great art picks up where nature ends.”- Marc Chagall The Arizona Center for Nature Conservation/Phoenix Zoo is introducing a rotating art exhibit program to enhance our visitors’ experience and to help communicate its important national and international conservation efforts.  Exhibited Artwork will embrace the mission of the Phoenix Zoo: to advance the stewardship and conservation […]

Paying it Forward

by lhardwick7212

The Phoenix Zoo runs effectively only because of the many teams working together every day towards our common mission. Most departments in the Zoo don’t often get the opportunity to work closely with our beautiful animals. Ultimately, though, we are all here to make the Zoo function effectively for our guests and provide our animals […]

The 2018 Pelican Round-Up

by lhardwick7212

The Children’s Zoo lake has 14 pelicans representing four different species. Due to their nautical nature, husbandry for the pelicans can prove to be challenging. With medical exams/wellness checks pending, the Birds Trail had to come up with a way to get all the birds off the lake safely, effectively and in the least stressful […]

VIDEO: Only at the Phoenix Zoo

by lhardwick7212

File this under: “Things You Only See at the Phoenix Zoo” Kori bustards are a large bird found in the savannas and semi-deserts in southern and eastern Africa. Although they are one of the heaviest birds that can still fly, they rarely do unless threatened, preferring to walk or run. They are omnivorous, eating bugs, […]

The Inspiring Story of ‘The Rhino Ninja’

by lhardwick7212

Phoenix resident Vaughn Stevens is a conservation hero. The best part? He’s only 10-years-old. Why is he called, “The Rhino Ninja?” The answer is both unique and inspiring. “My son, Vaughn, was chosen to compete on the new show, ‘American Ninja Warrior Junior,’ a spin-off off of the extremely popular, ‘American Ninja Warrior,’” said Vaughn’s […]

A Week to Change: Rostov Zoo

by lhardwick7212

 In 2012, in partnership with The Jane Goodall Institute, the Phoenix Zoo created a unique position to promote international animal welfare. Filled by Hilda Tresz, the Behavioral Enrichment and International Animal Welfare Coordinator role is responsible for developing and overseeing the Zoo’s Behavioral Enrichment program, but also extends beyond the Zoo through its international role […]

Conservation Connection: Narrow-headed Gartersnake

by lhardwick7212
Narrow-headed gartnersnake at the Phoenix Zoo

By Carrie Flood Aren’t giraffes cool? They’re regal, unapologetically lovely, and SUPER important to the functioning of a healthy Savanna habitat.  We like them, too. That’s why we breed and release snakes.   Wait, what? AGAIN with the snakes??   Yup.  Regular readers of my posts may be asking themselves why I’m always on about snakes. What can […]

Remembering Handsome Kitambi

by lhardwick7212

It is with heavy hearts that we let you know of the passing of Kitambi, our handsome African lion. Kitambi recently began showing signs of acute lameness and animal care staff began monitoring his condition. The lameness persisted and he became more lethargic with a loss of appetite. He was anesthetized and was found to […]