January 13, 2021 – September 5, 2021
Art on the Wild Side is on display in the Savanna Grill
Due to COVID-19, the Savanna Grill is currently closed to indoor dining.
We are working on virtual experiences for guests to view the photography.

From January 13 to September 5, the Phoenix Zoo will host a retrospective of stunning images from eight talented photographers. Viewers will experience a trip down memory lane, ranging from animals recognizable today to beloved favorites such as Hazel, Duchess and Ruby. The exhibit will also feature behind-the-scenes photos from our Joyce Corrigan Animal Care Center, providing an inspiring glimpse into the amazing care these species receive.

Dave Seibert,  one of the Zoo’s most prolific photography contributors, feels the exhibit is a great way for people to see these beautiful animals in “extraordinary detail and sharpness that normal viewing distance doesn’t allow”. He has been an integral part of planning the show, coordinating with current photographers, compiling images and working with Kara Schilling to gather old photos of beloved animals who are no longer with us. 

This exhibit is not only a tribute to the animals but also to our Phoenix Zoo photographers who have dedicated their time and talents to put our wildlife so beautifully in the lens.

Dave hopes the show will inspire even more people to pick up their cameras and explore the magnificent flora and fauna throughout the Zoo.

Art on the Wild Side: Superfans Digital Catalog

Meet the Photographers!

Joseph Becker

Joseph worked at the Phoenix Zoo as an exhibit guide, keeper and in Digital Communications from 2008 to 2015. He is now the Digital Marketing Manager at the Seattle Aquarium. According to Joseph, “My journey to becoming an expert digital communications and marketing specialist began at the Phoenix Zoo. In 2012, I was working as a zookeeper, and while I loved my job, I saw a unique opportunity to combine my experience and life-long interest in technology towards expanding the Zoo’s digital communications efforts.”

Bill Driver

Bill is an amateur photographer of nature and wildlife. A friend introduced him to digital photography, and he found that it allowed him to film wildlife in many beautiful ways. Bill is a three-year cancer survivor, an experience that taught him to open his eyes to the beauty of life and all of God’s creatures. His favorites to photograph are reptiles and insects. He’s been a volunteer at the Phoenix Zoo for 20 years which allows him to capture images of amazing animals. He uses Nikon and Sigma equipment.

Dick George

Dick began working at the Phoenix Zoo in 1978. He was a writer, photographer and historian who documented the extraordinary life of Ruby, an elephant who had been at the Zoo since its opening. He wrote “Ruby: The Painting Pachyderm of the Phoenix Zoo,” which was published in 1995. He has left the Zoo an extraordinary archive
of photography from that period.

Steve Marquez

Steve’s obsession with wildlife began at a very young age with wildlife documentaries on the Discovery Channel. His love for zoos was sparked after attending the Dinos After Dark event held at the Phoenix Zoo in 2017. Since then, he’s been a member and supporter of the Zoo; he even had his wedding here! His favorite animal to photograph is the endangered Mexican gray wolf. He was born in Los Angeles, CA in 1987 and moved to Phoenix in 1994.

John Qoyawayma

John got his start in photography early on, beginning with color correction of photos for visual simulations. Later he began to photograph animals at the Phoenix Zoo as well as his father’s beautiful pottery for commercial use. He continues to photograph wide panoramas used in visual simulations for an engineering firm that he has worked at for 38 years. He recently created an at-home studio for further product photography. He has a real passion for capturing photos of animals that show their fun and quirky personalities and has found it very enjoyable to learn and see different animal behaviors during his five years as a Phoenix Zoo volunteer. He has also taught Photo Walkabouts at the Zoo and photographed some Zoo events.

Dave Seibert

Dave took some of his first photographs as a child at the Phoenix Zoo in 1965! He has been a working photojournalist for more than 40 years and now freelances with a wide variety of Arizona companies. Though he has worked with the Phoenix Zoo both professionally and as a volunteer for many years and is a talented photographer of animals, he most enjoys capturing the lives of those at the Zoo that walk on two legs, especially the keepers and Animal Care Center staffers. Dave teaches a basic photography class on grounds at the Zoo called Photo Walkabouts and uses Canon equipment (most of which is old and very worn).

David Wagner

David has been shooting and submitting photos at the Phoenix Zoo for the last 18 months and enjoys contributing photos for use in Wild Times, posts on social media channels and the Zoo’s website. His background is in computers and IT, but he became a realtor about seven years ago. He enjoys shooting music events, people and animal portraits, as well as landscapes. While he first purchased a Canon SLR camera back in 1990, he picked it up again seriously two years ago.

WJ Wheaton

WJ fell in love with cameras over 50 years ago and has shot photos of everything from rock and roll bands in the ‘70s to recent zoo and rescue animals. His work shows the dignity of the subjects and their individual personalities, with his favorites being big cats and giraffes. For him, they are the most picturesque and seem to be the most cooperative. He’s been a volunteer at the Phoenix Zoo as a trail host since 2012 and taught photo classes, as well as led Photo Walkabouts. He uses Nikon equipment.

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