From lush tropical settings to the beauty of the Sonoran Desert, the Phoenix Zoo offers distinct indoor and outdoor venues that welcome large formal ceremonies and receptions, smaller, more intimate affairs and everything in between. Become united in the shadows of the Savanna, under twinkling lights at Ruby’s House or at our stunning lakeside. As newlyweds, celebrate in the C.W. & Modene Neely Education and Event Center, Stone House Pavilion or perhaps Desert Grove. With more than 15 onsite venues, your dream wedding will become reality.

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Suggested Ceremony Sites:

  • Lakeside
  • Savanna
  • Ruby’s House
  • Stone House Pavilion
  • Zebra Overlook

You may reserve any of our venues for a wedding ceremony. For a list of available venues, please visit our Venues page or call 602-914-4301.

Ceremony Package Includes:

  • Directional Signs
  • White Wicker Arch
  • White Carpet Runner
  • White Resin Garden Chairs – up to 100 (additional chair rentals are available)

Wedding ceremonies and receptions can be booked separately or in combination.

Contact us for more information.

Suggested Reception Locations:

  • Stone House Pavilion
  • Lakeside
  • Desert Grove
  • C.W. & Modene Neely Education and Event Center

You may reserve any of our venues for a wedding reception. For a list of available venues, please visit our Venues page or call 602-914-4301.

Work with the Valley’s top caterers and vendors to make your big day at the Zoo a wildly memorable experience for you and your guests.

Wedding ceremonies and receptions can be booked separately or in combination.

Contact us for more information.

From Tracey ~

When my daughter told me she wanted to look at the zoo, that she was thinking it might be a great place to have the wedding, I was a little concerned! But 30 minutes into the tour of the different venues within the zoo, I was convinced there wasn’t a better place to have my daughter’s wedding. Teale Cresswell, was the event coordinator who took us on the tour and as she showed us the different spots for the wedding and the reception, she shared tips and ideas that helped us visualize the entire event.

The ceremony took place in the Orangutan Hut. It was amazing. The white chairs on either side of the white carpet that took my daughter down the aisle and up to the white arch (where our florist had strategically placed the flowers) to meet her groom was so romantic; they stood in front of the window that looked out into the Orangutan habitat, it was magical!

The wedding reception was held in the Storehouse Pavilion. Not only was it a great building to have the reception in, it was also a stone’s throw from Ruby’s House where the bridal party spent most of the day getting ready for the wedding. We started the reception with a cocktail hour on the terrace of Stonehouse. As luck would have it, Phoenix was having abnormally high temps the week of the wedding so we had to move the cocktail reception inside. Teale and her team took care of everything. No one even knew it was supposed to have been outside and it fit into the schematic of the room beautifully. We had a dance floor in the middle of the room with the guest tables on either side. The zoo provided the DJ table, the cake table, the gift table, the guest book table and we used the zoo’s bartending services as well. The room was beautiful, when the sun set, the shades were drawn and we had a beautiful view of the city lights.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the wonderful job the entire zoo staff did. They were attentive and responsive to our needs and they made what can be a very stressful time, very enjoyable to us all.

If you want a magical, elegant and romantic setting for your wedding then you need to look at the Phoenix Zoo. Thank you Teale, you made the wedding a success!!

From Chantal ~

I cannot say enough good things about The Phoenix Zoo. My husband and I worked with innumerous vendors while planning our wedding and no one treated us as amazing as the Zoo. Working with Teale was the best thing that could have happened to us. We chose Ruby’s house for our venue, absolutely gorgeous! All of our guests were gushing over how beautiful it was. Before our reception began, Teale drove us around on a golf cart with our Photographer. She went out of her way to find the most scenic and romantic spots for us to take pictures.

I have to admit, our wedding was hectic! The most enjoyable and relaxing moments of the entire day happened while looking at the animals. The Zoo was closed so it felt like a private tour. The animals looked so comfortable and were roaming beautifully in their enclosures! The Lion was by far my favorite experience. He was incredibly close to the gate and let out a giant roar! We felt like it was just for us! We got amazing pictures with the lion, elephant and flamingos! The monkeys were a bit trickier but we still snapped great shots of the animals we couldn’t be in photos with. The weather was breathtaking with a light breeze and smelled like flowers in the air. We took our tour at sunset and found so many amazing photo opportunities. Teale opened up areas that were closed to the public for us. We went out on a dock where the vultures are and stared out into what looked like a beautiful savannah plain. Incredible!

We couldn’t have hoped for more out of our wedding! We had so many things go wrong and unfortunately, a lot of people made us upset throughout the process. The Zoo was NOT one of them!! We are so lucky to have had them in our corner! Thank you Phoenix Zoo! You made our day!!

From Krista ~

We had our wedding reception at the Neely Center of the Phoenix Zoo. The venue was both beautiful and affordable. Our event coordinator, Teale, was very helpful and flexible, always working to answer all of our questions as quickly and accurately as possible. She was careful to communicate with us about all of our needs for the day, making sure everything went smoothly.

The Zoo has so many scenic locations to take pictures, and we were able to travel around the entire campus before our grand entrance. The Neely center has a spacious indoor with enough room for 200 guests and a dance floor, and our favorite part was the big doors that opened into an outdoor terrace with room for guests to get some air and enjoy the view out over monkey island and the zoo lights that were still up. For a little more money we were able to rent the carousel for our guests to ride and to take pictures.

We are extremely happy with our choice of The Phoenix Zoo, and highly recommend it.

From Megan S. ~

Such a spectacular place to have a wedding! Beautifully done. You can tell time was taken to make sure every detail is perfectly placed and ready to go. It’s a fairytale place! Not many girls dream of getting married at a zoo, but this zoo makes your dreams come true!

From Paige H. ~

Having my wedding at the Phoenix Zoo was the best decision I ever made. I really wanted a low key, small, intimate wedding… nothing too crazy and over the top. I chose to do both my ceremony and reception at Ruby’s House with under 50 people. I could not have been happier. The sun set right in the middle of the ceremony, and we got beautiful pictures! The reception was so much fun! We got to have a huge owl and hedgehog brought to the reception! Our guests had a blast and working with Teale was awesome. My friends and family are still talking about how fun it was! Thank you Phoenix Zoo!

From Daniel ~

We were looking for a fun yet unique wedding ceremony site when we came across the Phoenix Zoo, and it did not disappoint. We had 200 people at our wedding and Lakeside at the Phoenix Zoo was perfect overlooking the lake. Guests loved walking around the zoo before and after the wedding ceremony and before the reception. The venue had countless areas for great photos and our photo session ran out of time before we could finish 1/2 the zoo! Teale was our wedding coordinator and I couldn’t ask for someone better to overlook our wedding. She helped ensure the grass was as green as could be, she called my DJ to ensure he would show up, and made sure everything was everything was following the timeline. Teale also picked us with golf carts from the parking lot and drove us to the changing areas. With two 6 person golf carts she drove us and the photographers around to all the different photo sites and to the ceremony site. For pictures on the bridge and other fixtures Teale stopped the traffic so we could get pictures without anyone in the background. She even stopped the traffic so we could get great personal merry-go-round pictures. She exceeded my expectations and our wedding turned out great. I would definitely recommend the zoo for anyone looking for a fun and unique wedding with unforgettable pictures.