Discover the Tropics

Tropics Trail

The Tropics Trail has two parts. The inner trail following the lake is home to the “Tropical Flights” aviary as well as Bornean orangutans and the common squirrel monkeys of “Monkey Village”.

The outer tropics trail passes by the Komodo dragons in the “Land of the Dragons” exhibit,  Asian elephants, jaguar, tortoises, iguanas, anteaters, Sumatran tigers of the “Isle of the Tiger” habitat and an assortment of tropical birds.

It also includes the Forest of Uco, a lush rainforest landscape that surrounds visitors along a one-mile walking trail and includes reproductions of a South American mercado and a scientific expedition and ruins, and highlights several tropical animals including the Andean bear.


Large loop with multiple side trails and access to the Nina Mason Pulliam Children’s Trail.

The entire main loop is paved with asphalt.

Wheelchair Accessible 

Sensory Inclusion Information

Headphone zone near Tropical Flights, orangutan, tiger and Equine Facility

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