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Conservation Connection: Total BFFs

By Carrie Flood Black-footed ferrets. You know them. You love them. But did you know how close we came to losing them? Do you know why that’s important? Black footed ferrets were considered extinct in the wild.  TWICE.  Luckily scientists were wrong both times. As usual, the animals knew better, and thanks to a ranch […]

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New Female Baby Masai Giraffe Born at the Zoo [UPDATED]

Monday, July 30: We are excited to announce the winning name of our voting contest: Rafiki (Swahili for “friend”)!  With nearly 16,000 people recording their votes, over 6,000 voted for Rafiki. It will still be at least a couple of weeks before we see Rafiki and mother, Imara, out on the Savanna but we will continue […]

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