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Conservation Connection: The Beautiful Rhinoceros

By Carrie Flood  Rhinos are so much more than grey, squatty unicorns. Their elusiveness and rarity are similar to unicorns, but rhinos have never been known to glow, burp glitter or fly. (This is not to say they can’t; it’s just that scientists have never observed it.) All five species of rhinos are vulnerable to […]

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Keeping our Animals (and Guests) Cool in the Summer

Pools are located in the habitats of our lions, tigers, elephants, Andean bear and rhinoceros. Many animals occasionally receive tasty ice treats such as bloodsicles, fishsicles or frozen food. Misters are used at Monkey Village and at our elephant habitat. Some animals, like those on the Savanna, receive a sprinkler or garden hose shower to […]

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Upcoming Events

As a non-profit charitable organization the Phoenix Zoo provides experiences that inspire people and motivate them to care for the natural world.