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UPDATE: Help Us Name Our New Female Baby Masai Giraffe!

UPDATE: Click here to vote for your favorite Swahili name for the baby giraffe! ———  Loads of cuteness coming your way! The Phoenix Zoo welcomed a female baby Masai (pronounced Muh-sigh) giraffe on Tuesday, June 26 (one week ago today). She is being extremely well cared for by her very protective mother, Imara. Imara and […]

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Conservation Connection: Vultures – The Clean-up Crew

By Carrie Flood Lots of people have a bit of an “ew” reaction to vultures. Maybe it’s the bald head, or it could be all those BBC nature specials with footage of vultures’ necks deep in carcasses…whatever it is, vultures don’t engender tender feelings in most humans. You don’t find too many kids who want […]

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