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UPDATE: Help Us Name Our New Female Baby Masai Giraffe!

by lhardwick7212
Phoenix Zoo giraffes

UPDATE: Click here to vote for your favorite Swahili name for the baby giraffe! ———  Loads of cuteness coming your way! The Phoenix Zoo welcomed a female baby Masai (pronounced Muh-sigh) giraffe on Tuesday, June 26 (one week ago today). She is being extremely well cared for by her very protective mother, Imara. Imara and […]

New Dynamic ‘Branch’ Program Started at the Phoenix Zoo

by lhardwick7212

The Phoenix Zoo started a new Zoo-wide enrichment project recently! It was a popular topic during the 2017 International Conference for Environmental Enrichment in Colombia. The general consensus was that zoos should be encouraged to place increasingly movable exhibit furniture, also known as “dynamic branches,” as permanent enhancement and/or enrichment. It was found, for example, […]

Conservation Connection: Making the World a Little Better

by lhardwick7212

By Carrie Flood When the Arizona Center for Nature Conservation (ACNC) first floated the idea of conservation staff grants, I was ecstatic. The idea that my employer would help pay for me to work on field projects normally reserved for ambitious college interns and post-doc students was super exciting. I immediately got to work finding […]

Conservation Connection: The Beautiful Rhinoceros

by lhardwick7212

By Carrie Flood  Rhinos are so much more than grey, squatty unicorns. Their elusiveness and rarity are similar to unicorns, but rhinos have never been known to glow, burp glitter or fly. (This is not to say they can’t; it’s just that scientists have never observed it.) All five species of rhinos are vulnerable to […]

Keeping our Animals (and Guests) Cool in the Summer

by lhardwick7212

Pools are located in the habitats of our lions, tigers, elephants, Andean bear and rhinoceros. Many animals occasionally receive tasty ice treats such as bloodsicles, fishsicles or frozen food. Misters are used at Monkey Village and at our elephant habitat. Some animals, like those on the Savanna, receive a sprinkler or garden hose shower to […]

Conservation Connection: Well Done, You!

by lhardwick7212

By Carrie Flood Did you know the Arizona Center for Nature Conservation/Phoenix Zoo support conservation projects around the world? It’s a big part of our mission. Scientists and groups working to save endangered animals and their habitats can apply for grant money to help with the costs associated with their important work. This is not […]

PHOTOS: Zoo Views

by lhardwick7212

Spanning over 125 acres in the Valley of the Sun, the Phoenix Zoo is one of the largest non-profit zoos in the U.S., caring for over 3,000 animals with nearly 400 species represented, including many threatened/endangered species. Over 1 million guests visit the Zoo on an annual basis to see magnificent animals like African lions, […]

Conservation Connection: The Significance of Siku

by lhardwick7212

By Carrie Flood Baby giraffe Siku is more than a pretty face. Siku, our newest baby giraffe, is undeniably adorable. She ranks a solid 11/10 on the cute scale. As much as you may enjoy coming to see her on the Savanna or seeing her picture on our social media, you can’t imagine how much […]

Conservation Connection: Not Just a Snake

by lhardwick7212
Louisiana Pine Snake

By Carrie Flood A snake? Really? YES REALLY. See, it’s never “just a snake.”  It’s an ecosystem, an interaction, a connection between living things. Think of all living things on earth as intersections on a giant orb web. As humans, we exert pressure or control on almost all living things, so we would be near […]

Conservation Connection: Operation Oryx

by lhardwick7212

By Carrie Flood The Association of Zoos and Aquariums are leaders in tackling the conservation problems facing the planet today. In 2017 alone, AZA-member institutions contributed about 160 million dollars to over 2,500 conservation initiatives in more than 100 countries. We support the efforts of local communities all over the world to save species in […]