Photography Walkabouts

Tips, tricks, and technique guidance abound in this casual walkabout program led by one of the Zoo’s expert volunteer photographers.

This program is entirely focused on practicing skills, getting instant feedback, and having fun while capturing great images at the Zoo.

While some dates may have a specific focus, participant interest shapes each class making this a dynamic and social experience for all. Whether your camera is professional quality or a phone camera, there is a walkabout program for you!

These walkabout programs are led by Phoenix Zoo Volunteers, who are accomplished photographers with many years of experience and a unique level of expertise in a Zoo setting.

You can frequently see their photographs featured on the Zoo’s social media pages and website.

Program Details


Adults (18+)


April 6, 9, 15, 20, 23, 26
Program begins at 9:30 a.m. and runs for 90 minutes.

Program Fees:

$18+ admission to the Zoo

Meet the Instructor


Dave Seibert

Dave Seibert took some of his first photographs as a child at the Phoenix Zoo in 1965! He has been working in professional photojournalism for more than 40 years and is currently freelancing in photography and video storytelling with a variety of valley companies. Dave uses Canon equipment. 

Though he has worked with the Phoenix Zoo both professionally and personally for many years and is a talented photographer of animals, he most enjoys capturing the emotion of those at the Zoo that walk on two legs – the people! Dave hopes to help photographers in the Photo Walkabouts he leads to learn how to see light, frame with composition techniques and wait for the right moment to take a photo.


How to Be Prepared

  • Walkabout programs are open to photographers with any type of camera or skill level, unless specifically noted otherwise.
  • These programs have a casual, conversational feel and participants are encouraged to help guide the direction of the walkabout by expressing their interests and asking questions of the instructor.
  • Being familiar with your camera (how to access settings, etc.) prior to the program is always appreciated. The walkabout programs focus on practice with (and feedback from) an expert photographer; this is not a lecture class.
  • The Photo Walkabout program fee does NOT include admission to the Zoo. Non-members must purchase a Phoenix Zoo admission ticket along with the program.
  • Bring your camera manual to the walkabout. Each camera brand and model can be slightly different. Our instructors are extremely talented photographers, but we’d never expect them to be fully versed in operating every single camera on the market. Your camera manual can be a useful tool for you and for the instructor.
  • Consider signing up for multiple photo walkabouts. Our photographers each have different styles of instruction, personal interests and experiences which contribute to the walkabouts they lead. Additionally, engaging with fellow participants to learn from and share with each other makes each of these programs unique and dynamic.

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