Meet the orangutans
who call the Phoenix Zoo home!

Monkey With Child


Meet Michael, he has been at the Phoenix Zoo since October of 2000.

His favorite behavioral enrichment (BE) items are blankets/sheets, browse, palm fronds and anything he can eat. He enjoys scribbling with chalk and can often times be seen with it on his face. He likes puzzle feeders and using tools to get the food out of them. Michael enjoys spending his days laying on his back in exhibit and holding his toes while watching other orangutans and the public. 



Meet Bess, she was born at the Phoenix Zoo in March of 1979.

She likes to lay on the top tiers of the towers and look out over her kingdom. She has a great view of the elephant and rhino yards. You can often find her watching people at the cave window covered with a palm frond or blanket. Bess likes to wade in the ponds in her exhibit to keep cool during the summer heat and enjoys interacting with her keepers.



Meet Wgasa, he is the newest orangutan at the Zoo. He came to us from Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium at the end of April.

He enjoys spending his days being close to Rayma, laying under tubs while eating and sitting in front of the a/c unit with a blanket or box over him. In the couple of months that he has been here, his keepers are really enjoying getting to know him and watching his personality start to shine!



Meet Rayma, she has been at the Phoenix Zoo since April of 2019.
Rayma is a ball of energy and has a very fun personality. She likes to bring her spool over for feedings and sit on it while interacting with her keepers. She enjoys the company of Wgasa and can sometimes be seen grabbing his hand to make sure he is following her. She enjoys playing in misters when it is hot outside and dragging her large tubs around the exhibit so she can set them up to sit on top of and self-browse.

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