Welcoming Three New Roadrunner Chicks!

We’re excited to share that three roadrunner chicks hatched at the Zoo!

They hatched on June 21, July 2 and July 5 to an important recommended Greater Roadrunner Species Survival Plan (SSP) breeding pair.

Born to run, the greater roadrunner can outrun a human, kill a rattlesnake and thrive in the harsh landscapes of the desert southwest.

They have evolved a range of adaptations to deal with the extremes of desert living. These birds secrete a solution of highly concentrated salt through a gland just in front of each eye, which uses less water than excreting it through their kidneys or urinary tract.

Their diet is made of moisture-rich prey including mammals and reptiles. And, both chicks and adults flutter the un-feathered area beneath their chin to dissipate heat.

We’re excited to help the greater roadrunner population grow. And, you can watch the chicks grow here at the Zoo in the Arizona Aviary!

The Phoenix Zoo is one of only a few other AZA-accredited facilities who have reproduced this species in the last year!

Each chick recently had a wellness exam, and all three appear to be in great health! Our vets and birds team performed a physical exam, checked their weight and drew blood to determine if the chicks are male or female.

Check out some behind-the-scenes photos below!