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There are many fun ways to help support the Phoenix Zoo

Wolf The Phoenix Zoo inspires and motivates people to care for the natural world. Help the Zoo protect threatened and endangered species, care for our animals and educate future generations.

Donate Now

Flamingo BirdWhether it’s a gift of stock, a retirement fund or a donor advised fund, these options may enable you to make a larger gift than you ever thought possible, while also helping accomplish your financial and other goals.

GoatWant to take your membership to the next level? The Zoo’s philanthropic memberships help ensure a bright future for endangered species, educate audiences about the importance of conservation, and play an essential role in the future of the Zoo. In addition, you receive exclusive access to the Zoo like you’ve never experienced before!

Guardian Conservation Society

Big CatFeaturing the mountain lion and jaguar, the Zoo’s newest $3.2 million initiative will build new habitats for these intriguing big cats. The new habitats will provide additional space, while facilitating unique viewing for guests.

Big Cats of Arizona

LizardSponsor your favorite Zoo animal today and help support the more than 3,000 animals that call the Zoo home. Your symbolic adoption directly supports the Zoo’s mission of providing experiences that inspire people and motivate them to care for the natural world.

Adopt An Animal

Flamingo BirdThe Phoenix Zoo offers many ways to celebrate your loved ones for any special occasion. These opportunities include glass tiles, engraved capstones, engraved bench plaques and more. Your gift will have the lasting impact of helping the Zoo accomplish its mission of advancing the stewardship and conservation of animals and their habitats.

Tribute Gifts

WolfOne of the best ways to support the Phoenix Zoo and ensure its healthy financial future is by signing up for a recurring gift. Please sign up for a monthly automatic gift so you can help us care for the very special animals who call Phoenix Zoo home.

Join the Wolfpack

LionWhen you collaborate with the Phoenix Zoo, you make meaningful connections with your customers, employees and community by supporting a cause they care about – saving wild animals and wild places.

Let us help position your brand through a menu of opportunities that offer exciting and unique avenues for your company.

Corporate Opportunities

AnimalDid you know you can give back to the Zoo while you shop at your favorite places? Sign up today for the Fry’s Community Rewards program, and continue to support the Zoo!

Support While You Shop

Eagle Let your favorite animal know they are special and send them a present today. Many Zoo departments have a Wish List of items that they desire to better meet the needs of our animals and guests.

Wish List

LizardIf you’ve ever wanted to express your appreciation for the Phoenix Zoo, a gift in your estate plan could be the perfect option for you. Whether you make a gift today or after your lifetime, you will help to provide experiences that inspire people and motivate them to care for the natural world. With a little planning today, your impact can be felt for generations to come.

Leave a Legacy

Zebra Phoenix Zoo Auxiliary

Would you like to further your support of the world class Phoenix Zoo, while making friends and having fun? Join the dynamic Phoenix Zoo Auxiliary — proudly serving as the Zoo’s oldest volunteer fundraising organization since 1961— a year before the Zoo opened in November 1962. Since its inception, the Auxiliary has contributed over $3 million in funding to various projects and continues its proud tradition of ongoing support of our Zoo in numerous ways.

Wildest Club in Town

The Wildest Club in Town (WCIT) is for professionals and animal enthusiasts age 21 or older. Meet and network with other members who share a passion for wildlife conservation and seek to engage with energetic and like-minded leaders. Membership provides an enriching experience through environmentally focused volunteer opportunities, professional networking activities, collaborative group projects and exclusive invitations to WCIT member events.

The following is intended to answer some of the most frequently asked questions and inform you about important rules and restrictions adhered to by the Phoenix Zoo.

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The Phoenix Zoo is one of the largest non-profit zoos in the U.S., caring for over 3,000 animals, with nearly 400 species represented, including many threatened/endangered species.