Cutest. Fundraiser. EVER!

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Meet Annika.

She LOVES animals and the Phoenix Zoo.

So she started a lemonade and dessert stand to raise funds to help us continue our life-saving work!

We caught up with this future conservation scientist to learn more about her efforts!

Phoenix Zoo: What inspired you to start this fundraiser?

Annika: I heard that more animals are getting sick and getting closer to being extinct and I didn’t want that to happen. I knew that the Phoenix Zoo does its very best to help save animals that are in trouble. I wanted to do something to help them, so I decided to have a cookie and lemonade stand to raise money for the zoo. I created my own signs (for my table and for the street) and because my mom said we needed to be careful because of COVID, we sold store-bought cookies and lemonade. I sold the treats on two different days in two different locations to try and raise as much money as I could, and I raised $50 for the Phoenix Zoo.

Phoenix Zoo: How important is the Phoenix Zoo to you?

Annika: The Phoenix Zoo is SUPER important to me because I care about the animals and people take good care of them at the Phoenix Zoo. My family has been zoo members since I was a baby, and I have spent lots of time visiting all of the amazing animals!

Phoenix Zoo: What is your favorite part about the Zoo? 

Annika: My favorite part about the Phoenix Zoo is they take great care of the animals. I like seeing all of the different types of animals, feeding giraffes and goats, and playing on all of the splash pads.

Phoenix Zoo: What is your absolute favorite animal?

Annika: My favorite animal is an Elephant. Elephants are so CUTE with their big, long trunks! 

Phoenix Zoo: How would you describe the Phoenix Zoo to someone who has never been here before?

Annika: I would describe it as fun, beautiful and exciting because you get to see animals from all over the world that you might never get a chance to see.