Meet the Howler Monkeys!

We’ve got news worth howling about — Olivia the howler monkey has two new friends!

A few weeks ago, we welcomed two female southern black howler monkeys, Bennie (Olivia’s great granddaughter) and Maddie, from the Brevard Zoo. The girls are still getting to know each other, and Olivia is slowly getting used to having roommates again!

Meet the Girls


Seven-year-old Bennie has a very blonde coat and moves FAST around the habitat. She is shy and likes to spend her time in the company of the older girls. But, she is slowly coming out of her shell!



23-year-old Maddie has a darker coat. She is quieter and more reserved than the other girls. She is comfortable spending time on her own or with others. Oh, and she really loves food! She is the quickest one to be territorial over her space.



26-year-old Olivia has lived at the Zoo for about 25 years. She hasn’t lived with other females before, so she’s learning how to read social cues from the girls. She’s holding her own and is slowly allowing them to share her space.

Next time you’re at the Zoo, make sure to stop by the howler monkey habitat to say hi to Olivia, Bennie and Maddie!