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Recap: February 14-20, 2022

February 14-20, 2022

Primate Keeper Debbie captured this sweet moment
of Bodie playing with his new toys! 

The weather is heating up,
but Indu is cooling off with a nice shower!

This Lunar New year is the Year of the Water Tiger,
which comes up every 60 years. 

Thiago celebrated his third birthday
with a fun BE box filled with veggies and kibble!

Recap: February 7-13, 2022

February 7-13, 2022

The primate keepers chose his name,
which is a combination of his parents’ names!

Fernando is hanging in his favorite box
with his plushies!

We suspect he is the same young male bald eagle
spotted at the Zoo back in 2020. 

Saturdays are Caturdays,
and we are spending this Caturday with Boboo the African lion!

Recap: January 31-February 6, 2022

January 31-February 6, 2022

We will miss his ‘roars’ to greet the carnivore keeper staff in the mornings, a
nd his ‘grumbles’ while he impatiently waited for his keepers to get his diet ready.

ALEXA play
“Chutti with his new toy” on repeat.

Did you know, the Grevy’s zebra is the largest wild equid?
They can be as tall as 4-5 feet at their withers!

Priya is absolutely adorable
holding onto this cute purple flower.

Recap: January 24-30, 2022

January 24-30, 2022

Saban celebrated his 9th birthday with a delicious ice treat
made by the Nutrition Services team.

Auggie, a young Andean bear,
was caught snoozing in a tree.

Primate Keeper Tysen captured this 
close-up video of the emperor tamarins!

Haddie celebrated her 22nd birthday
with a tasty biscuit cake.

Recap: January 17-23, 2022

January 17-23, 2022

Rhinos wallow (roll around or lie in mud or water) to keep cool,
avoid insects, or spread scent.

Fernando enjoys hanging out, taking it easy and
munching on his yummy snacks.

In honor of what would have been Betty White’s 100th birthday,
we raised $2,000 in her memory.

Febe gets very vocal when she really likes something
(which you can hear in this video)!