Fall is Migration Season


Fall is in the air!

For some folks, this brings to mind pumpkin spice lattes, football games and lower overnight temps that inspire thoughts of sweater weather ahead.

For many birds in the northern hemisphere, fall is migration season, when they move south to habitats with warmer weather and more plentiful food sources until their return north in the spring. Bird migrations inspire wonder and awe in humans, but can be dangerous for the animals as they travel great distances, especially at night.

Want to learn more about bird migrations in your area? Check out BirdCast, which provides real-time predictions of nighttime bird migrations to see if today is a big day for migrating birds where you live.

Audubon’s Bird Migration Explorer is another great resource, featuring options to track your favorite bird species (over 450 in total!) and visualize their migrations and the challenges they face.



Turn out the lights! Consider dimming or turning off lights from 11 p.m. to sunrise during the most active periods for migration in your region. Lights can disorient birds migrating at night, increasing the risk of collisions with buildings or other hard structures.

American Bird Conservancy has more tips for ways to help birds here (the tips for spring migrations are relevant in fall as well).



Come to the Zoo to see migratory birds resting along their journeys as well as our many resident birds in their exhibits. Sign up for programs to learn more about birds and other ways to connect to nature. Visit the Lost Bird Project sculptures, now through January 2023!