Animals in Focus: Photography Classes

Have you ever wondered how the Phoenix Zoo photographers get all those cool, detailed photos? Now you can learn our secrets by taking part in Animals in Focus: Photography Classes. 

Long-time Zoo volunteer, Dave Seibert, conducts a 90-minute walk around the Zoo grounds where you will learn the basics of photography: composition, lighting and capturing emotion. On our walk we will cover how to photograph through fences, windows and foliage in addition to learning more about Zoo habitats, our animals and the overall history of the Zoo. 

There is quite a bit covered on the walk so it may not be the place to learn how to operate your camera due to the amount of material we need to cover in 90 minutes. However, please reach out in advance if you’re having problems and Dave can recommend a tutorial video for your specific camera. While we recommend a DSLR or mirrorless camera with a telephoto lens, a phone is an option for some limited, wide angle work.

It can be a fun experience to repeat as no two walks are alike. One of the favorite parts of the walk is a short review and critique of your photos at the end. Dave will also cover how to share your work with the Zoo’s social media.  

Coming soon… a new class in March photographing the zoo in springtime bloom. The class is being prepared with help from our horticulture and animal teams. Part of the class will touch on macro photography with cameras and phones and include apps for plant identification.

Photography class

Class Descriptions

(Questions? Contact Dave Seibert.)