Answering the Call

Working in Animal Conservation Goes Beyond the Zoo

One of the best things about working at the Phoenix Zoo is that every day is a different adventure.

Even when you’re off duty…

Mike Foley is our Manager of Trail Programs. Recently, one of his former employees (who now works at a grocery store in Scottsdale) contacted him about a bird that had found its way into the store and had trouble finding its way out.

Mike, an avid bird lover, went to the store hoping the bird would be easy to rescue without impacting shoppers on a busy Saturday afternoon.

Along with the store manager, Mike discreetly went up and down the aisles with nets hoping to catch the bird (a lesser nighthawk) while simultaneously allowing folks to continue shopping.

After about 20 minutes, the lesser nighthawk landed on a stack of paper towels and Mike was able to safely catch it.

As Mike left the store, he received a raucous round of applause from both employees and guests who were happy to discover the bird (and Mike!) were unharmed.

The bird was released immediately near the store which was near a desert wash.

Just another example of how our employees truly embody our mission to inspire people to care for the natural world.