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Wednesday, April 8

For today’s Digital Safari presented by SRP, we joined our amazing Ambassador Animal Resources team and met Pandora, Boomer and Monty!

Tuesday, April 7

It’s a very special Digital Safari presented by SRP! Today we are taking a tour of the Thunderbirds Charities Equine Facility!

Monday, April 6

Welcome to another Digital Safari presented by SRP! Today we took a trip to Tropical Flights for a special “Where’s Waldo?” edition! Join Mike Foley, Manager of Trail Programs, to learn all about some amazing birds.

Friday, April 3

Welcome to another Digital Safari presented by SRP! Today we had a very special talk from stingray keeper Mari Belko where we learned all about our stingrays and how they are named after country music superstars (like Dolly Parton, Carrie Underwood and more)!

Wednesday, April 1

Welcome to another Digital Safari presented by SRP! Today we are at our Mexican gray wolf habitat supported by Ottawa University. Join us!

Tuesday, March 31

Welcome to today’s Digital Safari! We go LIVE from our giraffe deck with keepers Alicia and Sarah to learn all about our amazing long-necked friends. Each day our Digital Safari is presented by SRP!

Monday, March 30

Welcome to today’s Digital Safari: Choose Your Own Zoo-Venture Children’s Trail presented by SRP!

Sunday, March 29

Sports: They aren’t for everyone! Today’s Digital Safari is presented by SRP. Bornean orangutans, Daniel and Rayma, enjoyed different sport balls and Cheerios as enrichment!

Saturday, March 28

Today’s Digital Safari is presented by SRP. Working with animals to participate in their own medical examination is the goal for most animals care specialists. Stingrays present a unique challenge as they are always moving under the water. We began conditioning cownose rays for physical examinations to learn and eventually improve their care during pregnancies. A healthy and happy environment for adult stingrays usually results in baby rays (pups).

Friday, March 27

Today’s Digital Safari presented by SRP is all about Fernando the Linne’s Two-toed Sloth! Did you know, sloths sleep more than 15 hours a day!?

Thursday, March 26

Today’s Digital Safari presented by SRP is all about Beaker the Giant Anteater! Beaker is an 11-year-old giant anteater. The largest of the anteater species, they have a two-foot-long tongue covered in sticky saliva. They have an incredible sense of smell – 40 times better than humans! Giant anteaters, like Beaker, can consume a few thousand ants in just a couple minutes and flick their tongues 150 times per minutes.

Wednesday, March 25

Join us for today’s Digital Safari for a special tour of the Zoo on our Safari Cruiser brought to you by 

Tuesday, March 24

Welcome to another Phoenix Zoo Digital Safari! Today, we’re visiting with our Galapagos tortoises as they munch on papaya.

Monday, March 23

Today’s Digital Safari included Sumatran tigers Jai and Indah, and a training wall session!

Sunday, March 22

Join Aja the southern ground hornbill as she walks around Lemur Lane at the Phoenix Zoo. While the Zoo is closed to the public, Ambassador Animals and other Zoo animals will be walking around and meeting other Phoenix Zoo residents. It’s a great form of enrichment for all animals involved!

Saturday, March 21

Meet “Incognito” our five-year-old Meller’s chameleon! Meller’s chameleons are the second largest chameleon in the world growing up to two feet in length.

A chameleon does not change its body color to camouflage but instead will change it based on its mood and as a way to communicate. For this species, a lighter green color indicates a calm state while a darker green, almost black color indicates stress or territoriality.

They are designed for an arboreal lifestyle with feet designed for grasping branches and a prehensile tail which acts like a fifth limb allowing them to grasp as well as hang upside down by to reach lower branches.

Friday, March 20

Join us as Phoenix Zoo employee and author, Susan R. Stoltz, reads her book “A Flamboyance, A Crash, and A Dazzle” to our flamingos… and YOU!

Thursday, March 19

Meet Belo, one of our snakes part of our Ambassador Animal Resources team! Belo means “beautiful” in Portuguese. He is 18 and a half years old – his birthday is on August 18th. In human care, rainbow boas can live between 20-30 years!

Did you know, rainbow boas get their name because they have tiny ridges on their scales that act like prisms and refract the light, giving them a rainbow iridescence!? Belo eats primarily rodents such as mice and rats. But rainbow boas have a wide variety of prey items available in the rain forest including bird eggs, frogs, salamanders, lizards, even other snakes! Brazilian rainbow boas typically grow between 4-6 feet in length, although some have been know to grow to 7 feet!

Wednesday, March 18​

We kicked off our Digital Safari series with a video premiere entitled The Peaceful Swim of the Stingray.

There’s something uniquely satisfying about watching stingrays swim. They glide through the water with such ease, you can’t help but feel peaceful.

We hope it inspires a sense of calmness during this tough time; we’re in it together.