October 14, 2019

The Phoenix Zoo’s veterinarians are proud and longtime members of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). The AVMA is the nation’s leading advocate for the veterinary profession. Representing more than ​93,000 members, they protect, promote and advance the needs of all veterinarians and those they serve.

First celebrated in 1993, National Veterinary Technician Week takes place in the third week of October each year. Veterinary technicians are critical to the day-to-day function of veterinary practices, and play vital roles in preserving animal health and welfare. National Veterinary Technician Week provides an opportunity to recognize veterinary technicians’ contributions.

The Phoenix Zoo values veterinary technicians every day of the year and thank them for all they do. During National Veterinary Technician Week, we honor their commitment to compassionate, high-quality veterinary care for all animals who call the Zoo home. 

The Joyce Corrigan Animal Care Center is extremely fortunate to have two stellar veterinary technicians as part of our team. Hollie Chiles and Rai Smith provide exemplary care to the Phoenix Zoo animals. Whether it’s anesthesia monitoring of a critical patient, dental cleanings, surgical assistance, training of animals for medical procedures, filling animal prescriptions, or performing diagnostic laboratory work, their dedication to and passion for their patients is clear. Our hospital could not function without them.

Hollie and Rai are an essential part of our veterinary team and we can’t thank them enough for their commitment to zoological medicine and the Phoenix Zoo!