ZooLights Prep Begins in the Summer Heat

The Phoenix Zoo’s ZooLights crew has been up in the trees for the past few weeks already installing ZooLights!

Triple-digit temps can’t stop the work that a crew of four full-time employees perform to get millions of lights strung through trees, hundreds of dazzling displays placed and illuminated lanterns shining bright!

This is the 30th year of ZooLights which kicks off to the public on Thursday, November 24, 2021 and runs every night through Saturday, January 14, 2022.

New armatures this year include a herd of bison, a cougar, a gorilla, a one-eyed-one-horned-flying-purple-people-eater, a variety of sea creatures and illuminated “light boxes” showcasing animal artistry throughout the Zoo and many, many more!

It takes the crew approximately 5 months to install ZooLights.