Programs for the Family

Spend Winter Break with the Phoenix Zoo!

Are you looking for something fun to do during your winter break?
Join us virtually or in-person at the Zoo with these exciting new programs!

Our programs are offered for children starting at 18 months old and are designed to support their growing needs and abilities.
We truly hope that your child will grow up with the Zoo!

Many programs offer opportunities for parents or caregivers and children to learn and explore together,
making it an experience for the entire family.

Camp Zoo to You

Bring the magic of summer camp to your home any time with Camp Zoo to You!

Campers will experience animal encounters, behind-the-scenes tours, guided visits to Zoo exhibits, craft and learning activities, and scientific investigations all without needing to step out of the house. 

Three topics are available in each weekly session. Each topic is filled with hours of carefully curated, engaging digital content on a secure online platform.
Choose your favorite topic or sign up for all of them to experience everything!

Appropriate for ages 9 -12.

Desert Detectives

Have you ever wondered what animals do all day?

What animals are sharing our outdoor space that we might never see? There are clues all around us if you know what to look for. Join us as we discover the clues left for us by the animals at the Zoo!

Appropriate for ages 7-10.

Family ZooVenture

Our virtual Family ZooVenture programs bring the Phoenix Zoo’s animals to you in a whole new way.

Connect with a live Zoo educator as we have fun while learning about the animals that call the Phoenix Zoo home. These 30 to 45-minute programs feature kid-friendly antics and activities including animals making music and getting squeaky clean, kids helping search for clues as Zoo detectives and
creating a brand-new animal.

Appropriate for ages 3-6. 

Phoenix Zoo Live Online

Looking for a special experience for your group?

With our Phoenix Zoo Live Online program, your group can connect virtually with a live Zoo Educator for an animal-filled event. All you need is a computer, an Internet connection and the ability to connect to Zoom or Google Meets.

Our presentations include a mix of live discussions and demonstrations, pre-recorded videos, interactive quizzes and questions, and live animal presentations. This program is geared towards organizations, clubs,
associations and community groups. 

Project Orangutan: Zoo Crew

Experience a unique, project-based virtual program
that brings the Phoenix Zoo to you!

Join Zoo educators for one-hour live, virtual sessions each day during this 3-day project as we learn in-depth about orangutans and create a new invention for them. Project Orangutan is fun, fascinating and promotes hands-on,
authentic problem-solving.

Appropriate for ages 9-12.

Virtual Field Trips

Visit the Phoenix Zoo from the comfort of your home or classroom!

Virtual Field Trips include pre-recorded guided tours with three different animals, a review activity, accompanying worksheet and challenge activity, PLUS a
15-minute live, virtual Q&A session with a Zoo Educator. 


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that's zoo we are

The Phoenix Zoo is one of the largest non-profit zoos in the U.S., caring for over 3,000 animals, with nearly 400 species represented, including many threatened/endangered species.