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Our dedicated team of educators is excited to help you integrate the magic of the animal kingdom into your classroom! Check out our curricular offerings below. Questions? Contact

Please note that some of our curriculum involves live, virtual sessions. With these virtual components, Phoenix Zoo educators broadcast into your home or classroom and all you need is a computer and an internet connection, although we recommend a projector for larger groups. Our standard platform is Zoom, which allows students to interact with zoo educators creating a two-way dialogue. We can consider other platforms, but interactive features may be impacted.

Project Orangutan:

Embark on a captivating journey as students dive into the world of orangutan care at the Phoenix Zoo! Through engaging videos, games and group work students will learn about the natural behaviors of orangutans and create a model/prototype of an engaging and research-based behavioral enrichment item. Students will also learn why orangutans are important to their ecosystem and feel empowered to make responsible consumer choices that limit orangutan habitat loss due to palm oil. Project Orangutan is fun, fascinating and promotes hands-on, authentic problem-solving.


Suggested Age: Grades 3-6

Duration: Learner-led curriculum. Recommended timeframe is 9 weeks; 60 minutes per week

Cost: $175 per classroom

How to Book: Fill out the request form (three weeks advance notice required for scheduling). For questions, call 602.914.4333.

What is included in the program?

  • A live, virtual 30-minute Q&A session with a Phoenix Zoo educator**
  • In-depth Teacher Guide with:
    • Arizona State Standards Alignment (Science, ELA, Math, Educational Technology)
    • Detailed content outlines and lesson plans
    • Comprehensive materials list
    • Assessment rubrics
  • Student Guide that outlines the overall project timeline, key vocabulary and assessment criteria
  • Pre, post assessment and formative assessments
  • Student Research Notebook PDF
  • Support materials for each lesson including pre-recorded videos, recommended research sources and activity worksheets,

Bioconnect Kits: 

Biomimicry (drawing inspiration from nature) is a rapidly growing STEM field and has the potential to change how people view the world around them. This constantly growing field is at the intersection of biology, engineering, design, art, and mathematics and has the power to help students develop 21st century skills such as critical thinking, communication, creativity, collaboration and real-world problem-solving. Developed in collaboration with Arizona State University’s Biomimicry Center, the BioConnect Kit includes a collection of natural artifacts, 3D printed biomimicry demonstration modules, animal videos from the Phoenix Zoo, and associated lesson plans for middle school students.

Save the date for our teacher workshop! Participation in the teacher workshop includes free access to the program and $100 stipend.

Workshop Date: January 20, 2024: In-person at the Phoenix Zoo


Project Arizona Wildlife (PAW): 

Here at the Phoenix Zoo, helping to conserve endangered species is an important part of our mission and what we do. But conserving endangered species is a complex process and every action that we humans take, whether intentional or not, impacts the environment around us. Sometimes those actions are helpful, while others can harm the environment and there are always multiple points of view to consider in every situation. Throughout this project, students will learn about many endangered species that the Phoenix Zoo works to save and the actions we are taking to try and help them. By the end of this project, students will create and present a Save a Species plan based on the recovery of the endangered species of their choice.

Suggested Age: Grades 6-12

Duration: Learner-led curriculum. Recommended timeframe is 9 weeks; 90 minutes per week

Workshop Dates:  February 3 – At the Phoenix Zoo | March 2 – Virtual

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