Celebrate! | CELEBRACIÓN!

Join us for a wild and wonderful virtual celebration of children, animals and Hispanic culture!

¡Acompáñanos para un evento excitante, salvaje y virtual en celebración de los niños, los animales, y la cultura hispana!

Camera Trap Photo Activity

Imagine you have a camera trap in Costa Rica. You pull the memory card and are beginning to sort through the photos. Which ones do you see?

Check out exclusive camera trap photos here!

Virtual Zoo Tour Brought to You By
Valley Toyota Dealers

We hop in the Safari Cruiser brought to you by Valley Toyota dealers for a virtual tour around the Zoo!

Say hi to Jax the mandrill, Caipora the jaguar and more!

Meet Johnny Long Legs!

For the second part of Día del Niño Virtual, we took a trip to our phenomenal Ambassador Animal Resources department to meet Johnny Long Legs – a Patagonian mara!

Color Changing Milk experiment!

If you’re looking for a fun, cost-effective and beautiful science/craft activity, look no further!

Join the Phoenix Zoo and learn about a color changing milk experiment with Skittles, dish soap and some food coloring!


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