The Guardian Conservation Society is the Phoenix Zoo’s premier philanthropic membership program.

Members are committed to animal conservation, education and a secure financial future for the Zoo. In recognition of their support, Guardian Conservation Society members receive a number of exclusive benefits, including behind-the-scenes experiences with our animals and experts, private events and conservation updates.

What They're Saying

“When my husband and I decided to become members of the Guardian Conservation Society, we had no idea how rewarding this decision would be for our family. It is truly much more than a membership; it has been a learning adventure for our family and friends. 

After several years of visiting the Phoenix Zoo, I never realized that the true mission was about conservation and how connected our Zoo is with local, national and international efforts.  Understanding how this mission impacts decisions that our Zoo makes has been an incredible experience that has deepened my belief in the need to support our Zoo.  We all have a role in educating our community on the ‘why’ behind the conservation work and how everyone can contribute. 

As a Guardian member, we have enjoyed numerous exclusive social and educational events that have broadened our thinking and understanding.  One of the most  important benefits for me has been watching my son and his friends learn about the importance of conservation at an early age so they can grow up to be knowledgeable ambassadors.” ~ Gayle Cassidy

Guardian conservation society levels

** Our Guardian Conservation Society behind-the-scenes experiences are unique donor appreciation tours. Donors receive a customized and exclusive experience not offered to the public as a way to highlight the impact of their donation. Arrangements must be made in advance through the Development Office to secure your private reservation for between six (6) to twelve (12) guests, depending on your membership level. Enjoy Exclusive Benefits. Impact the Community!​

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The Phoenix Zoo is one of the largest non-profit zoos in the U.S., caring for over 3,000 animals, with nearly 400 species represented, including many threatened/endangered species.