Meet the Zoom Animal Crew!

Add a Phoenix Zoo animal to your virtual work meeting, get together, or party! Select animals are available for 15-minute segments, accompanied by a Zoo staff member who can answer questions and share facts about your special guest.

Days and times vary per animal. Animals need to be scheduled two weeks in advance. Check out their schedules below!


Fernando, (his friends call him Fern), is available to chill out with you during your next online meeting. While we cannot guarantee Fern will be awake during your scheduled rendezvous, we can guarantee that you will fall in love with him!


Our rhinos can’t wait to charge into your meeting! This prehistoric species is sure to leave a large impression on your group and get the day off to a stomping good time with insight, fun facts and a tidbits about the pair from one of their keepers.


Lady the aardvark will be “all ears” on your next video call! Purchase today to have Lady virtually join you for a team meeting, a casual hangout or any type of celebration! Lady is ready for all your calls and an animal keeper will be there to tell you all about her.


Can owls really turn their heads 360 degrees? Find out when you invite one of these wise animals to your next virtual get together, meeting, or friendly hangout session. With all eyes on the owl, be sure to tune in so you don’t miss out!


If you are the daring kind, purchase the Mystery Guest and you will receive a call from one of the six following animals: flamingo, porcupine, chameleon, tortoise, tamandua or raven. Learn all about them from one of their keepers while they steal the show, err, meeting!