The Phoenix Zoo has a variety of educational programs designed to connect children of all ages with the natural world. Our programs are offered for children starting at 18 months old and are designed to support their growing needs and abilities. We truly hope that your child will grow up with the Zoo! Many programs offer opportunities for parents or caregivers and children to learn and explore together, making it an experience for the entire family. See our many program offerings below and join our programs family today.

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NEW! Phoenix Zoo Family Nature Club (FNC)
Hosted by Phoenix Zoo educators, this nature play program will take us on family friendly-adventures near the Zoo and beyond. A glorious mashup of social club, play date and outdoor adventure, children of all ages along with their caregivers will spend time discovering the wonders of Arizona nature through play. Club “members” have the opportunity to help shape the direction of future FNC programs and activities!

With support from a grant from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the Phoenix Zoo is pleased to offer family fee waivers for the Family Nature Club programs. To help keep our club inclusive and accessible for all, we ask that you please refrain from requesting a fee waiver if your family is able to afford the program fee. Thank you!

To request a fee waiver and register for a Family Nature Club Program, please call the Phoenix Zoo Reservations Department at 602.914.4333 . There is no application process or qualifications a family must meet to receive a fee waiver; families must simply request a fee waiver when calling to register for the program. Please note: Fee waivers are limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis.


Littlest Critters (Ages 0 – 18 months)
Get wild with your little one at the Phoenix Zoo! This program allows our youngest visitors and their caregivers the chance to explore the world of animals. Spend the morning together in this inside/outside program featuring animal-themed stories, music, games, movement activities and nature explorations. Each program focuses on animals from unique habitats all around the world and offer a chance to meet an animal up-close.

For children 0 – 18 months and a caregiver.
Program time: 10 – 10:45 a.m.
Program fees:

Member Adult/Child Pair       $ 15       Extra Adult $5       Extra Child (includes 1 adult) $11

General Adult/Child Pairs       $ 20       Extra Adult $7       Extra child (includes adult)   $15

Farm Tots (Ages 18 months –24 months)
Fun on the farm is what Farm Tots is all about! Designed around introducing some of our youngest animal lovers to some of the Zoo’s friendliest animals, Farm Tots teaches children the basics of animal respect and care. Free-play, activities and up-close animal encounters are all part of the fun with each month focusing on one of our farm animals.

No programs currently scheduled. Please check back this fall for new offerings!

For children 18 months – 2 years and a caregiver.
Program time: 10 – 10:45 a.m.
Program fees:

Member Adult/Child Pair       $ 15       Extra Adult $5       Extra Child (includes 1 adult) $11

General Adult/Child Pairs       $ 20       Extra Adult $7       Extra child (includes adult)   $15


Animal Breakfast Programs (Ages 2 – 5 years)

Have you learned what a giraffe wants for breakfast? Have you watched a warthog wake up in the morning? Have you fed a giant tortoise breakfast? Join us for Early Childhood Animal Breakfasts and YOU CAN! Enjoy a light continental breakfast of “people food” along with child-directed, play-based activities which include a variety of movement, discovery, reasoning, art projects, songs, guided and free play opportunities. Children and parents are encouraged to explore the activities and instructors help facilitate an engaging and fun experience for all. We’ll finish the fun with an amazing animal encounter!

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For children 2 – 5 years and a caregiver.
Program time: 8 – 9 a.m.
Program fees:

Member Adult/Child Pair      $30     Extra Adult $11          Extra Child (includes 1 adult) $23 

General Adult/Child Pair        $40     Extra Adult $14          Extra Child (includes 1 adult) $30

May 12, 14, 19, 20, 26 – Incredible Elephants
Our program focuses on elephants this month. Practice using a trunk like an elephant, find out what elephants like to eat and much, much more! After breakfast and activities, you’ll assist an elephant keeper with daily behavioral enrichment by hiding “elephant cookies” in the elephant yard and then watching as the elephants search for the hidden treats!

Gifts for the Animals (Ages 2 – 5 years)
Whether it’s for a holiday or “just because,” giving gifts is fun! It allows us to show how much we care. The same is true for the animals at the Zoo. Join us for some generous fun — animal style — at our Gifts for the Animals program. Children join their caregiver and a Zoo instructor on a guided safari around Harmony Farm. We’ll stop and observe animals, discuss what presents each might enjoy, then assist zookeepers by preparing and delivering delicious behavioral enrichment gifts all around the farm.

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For children 2 – 5 years and a caregiver.
Program time: 9 – 10 a.m.
Program fees:

Member Adult/Child Pair       $20     Extra Adult $7             Extra Child (includes 1 adult) $15

General Adult/Child Pair         $25      Extra Adult $9           Extra Child (includes 1 adult) $20

Nature Explorers (Ages 6 – 9 years)

With imaginative play in nature at the forefront of this program, children ages 6-9 will see the Zoo as a fantasy world meant for exploring. We adventure as a group through the Zoo’s nooks and crannies; discovering secret paths as we take on top-secret missions and hunting for clues that lead us on magical journeys through nature. Participants are encouraged to come to the program wearing dress-up clothes that match the program topic, but keep in mind … we will be getting messy as we learn and play!

For children 6 – 9 years.
Program time: 1 – 3 p.m.
Program fees

Members        $24

General           $30

Critter Keeper (Ages 6 – 10 years)
Experience what it’s like to be a zookeeper! During this non-stop, fun-filled afternoon, young Critter Keepers participate in all aspects of animal care including cleaning, preparing and distributing diets, behavioral observation and preparing enrichment items for our animal collection. As expected, up-close animal encounters with exhibit and ambassador animals are an exciting part of this program. Small class sizes allow us to offer an exclusive and personalized adventure where children experience the excitement, hard work and patience required to be a keeper and care for Zoo animals. All Critter Keepers are outfitted with a t-shirt and water bottle.

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For children 6 – 10 years.
Program time: 12 – 2 p.m.
Program fees

Members        $40

General           $50

Lunch with a Keeper (for families)
Lunch with a Keeper is like a coveted backstage pass to meet the band. Enjoy a pizza lunch while you make friends with (and learn from) animal experts – our zookeepers! Ask questions that only a keeper can answer and listen to stories that only a keeper can tell. After lunch, be treated to a behind-the-scenes tour and awesome animal experience led by the person who knows the animals best. This unique experience is one of the best at the Zoo; you’ll truly understand the passion and dedication involved with being a zookeeper.

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For children 6 – 10 years and a caregiver.
Program time: 12 – 1:45 p.m.
Program fees

Member Adult/Child Pair       $54      Extra Adult $15           Extra Child $40

General Adult/Child Pair         $72      Extra Adult $20           Extra Child $54

May 21 – Orangutan Keepers
What is an orangutan’s favorite food? What are some of the challenges of working with such an intelligent, unique and strong animal? Come find out these answers and many more during an afternoon of fun and excitement as we discover what it takes to work with orangutans. Enjoy a pizza lunch alongside one of our orangutan zookeepers who answers questions and tells stories about the animals and their job. Following lunch, participants have an up-close look at the Zoo’s orangutans!