The cat’s out of the bag! – The Phoenix Zoo is excited to announce that six-year-old lioness Zuri gave birth to two cubs on Monday, June 3. These are the first African lions born at the Phoenix Zoo since 1976 and the first felid birth since a Brazilian ocelot was born at the Zoo in 2001.

This is the first litter for Zuri who came to Phoenix from the Pueblo Zoo last October. It’s also the first litter for eight-year-old Boboo, who was born at the Columbus Zoo and has resided at the Phoenix Zoo since 2019. This breeding pair was the result of a recommendation from the Lion Species Survival Plan (SSP).

The cubs will spend several months in a cozy den box behind-the-scenes before they are ready to venture out and make their public debut. Carnivore keepers and veterinary staff are giving Zuri the space to mother her cubs without intervening before performing neonate exams next month. 

Make sure to follow our social media channel for updates from the den box until then!

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